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Published on April 2018

There is something about when Winter is handing the torch to Spring that puts a fresh start in the air. There are a few things that remain the same - like Annie being an early riser. Baby stirred, stretched and rolled before getting up. Annie joined Baby at the water tub for a drink.
“I bet I can tell where you slept last night, Baby.”

“And how do you intend to do that then? Were you spying on me?” asked Baby.

“No silly. It's quite simple. You slept right over there - see that big patch of fur?”

“It is a good thing that I wasn’t trying to be incognito. I guess you can say I’m shedding by the look of that. It’s a sure sign that spring is on its way.”

“What’s incognito?”

“When you are trying NOT to let someone see that it is you.”

“Oh! I must try that sometime.” Annie answered.

“Spring always makes me happy because we get visitors, the new grass is sweet and we will be able to soak up the sun.” Baby said as he remembered years past.

“Well, I'm glad you think so Baby because I didn't get much sleep last night because of Spring.”

“Good morning Joseph! How are you this morning? Maybe I shouldn't ask because it doesn't sound like you had a good night’s sleep!”

“No, I didn’t Annie. Haven’t you noticed the feathers are flying again above my head? The family has returned and spring cleaning to boot!”

“Now, Joseph, you know you don't mind that as much as what you make it out to be, do you? Which would it be if you had to choose the family of birds or getting your winter coat shaved off? I remember the time our owner got tired and only shaved one side until the next day.” Baby replied.

“Well, putting it that way I would have to say the family of birds because it is so embarrassing when one side is short and the other long. I guess I could call it a spring trend on the farm.” Joseph laughed.

“Here we are talking about this spring - I wonder what spring will be like this year - wet or dry? I can't wait for that new sweet grass to start growing.” Annie added.

“Yes, and speaking of that Annie, I imagine part of the field will be closed off soon to let the grass grow.’

“Oh! I forgot about that. I wonder when it is going to happen?”

“No one has noticed, but we are standing here talking and we are missing two who haven't joined us yet! I wonder where they are? Maybe we should go and see where Havier and Jake are because they're always here with us for breakfast.”

“You know Annie, they make their rounds in the morning to make sure that everything is safe before we go out. Maybe they are still doing that. I would feel better if we did check. Anyone else want to come?” asked Baby.

“Let's all go. Wow! It is still a bit dark outside. Havier .... Jake where are you?” shouted Annie.

There was nothing but silence.

“Did anyone check the other side of the barn before we left?” asked Joseph.

“I did, Joseph, and they were not there.” answered Annie.

“HAVIER....JAKE …ARE YOU OUT HERE?” yelled Baby and just then…….

“We are over here.”

“Thank goodness! We were starting to worry about you, so we had to investigate.” answered Baby.

“No worries, Little Ones. We are fine. Is breakfast ready? Can you run up and check for us?”

“Ok Havie. Will do.” shouted Annie.

A few seconds later Baby looked at Joseph. “Are your instincts the same as mine Joseph?”


“What do you mean, instincts? We have to check on breakfast. Oh my goodness! I don’t understand what you are talking about. Can someone explain please?”

“Annie, this is what we think and this is what we are going to do.” replied Baby.

“Havier, I think we will wait for you and Jake. That way we can all go back together.”

“That is alright, you go on ahead and we will catch up with you.” shouted Jake

“Well, if that’s what you want us to do. See you at the barn.”

“Ok. See you there.”

“Now remember, 20 steps, stop. That should do it.” whispered Joseph to Baby.

A few minute later……

“Are you coming?” Baby shouted.

“Just give us a minute.” answered Havier.

Baby then ran to meet the others and it was just in time.

“You are supposed to be going to the barn.” Havier said in a harsh voice as he looked at the Littles.

“We know Havier, but something keeps telling us something isn’t right. Are you going to share with us what it is?” asked Baby.

“We were just checking things out because we heard a noise and wanted to know where it was coming from.”

Just then, Joseph looked at Baby and Annie.

“It wouldn’t be sounding like a snap, would it, by any chance?” asked Joseph.

Jake looked at Havier……

“Busted. We are in high fashion.”


Just at that moment, they all had to have a laugh.

“We busted you big time Havier and Jake! How did it happen?”

“Well, for one thing, it was still a bit dark and you know, just talking and not accepting it.” Havier replied.

“I can tell you this - that it woke me up in a hurry. I haven’t jumped that high since I jumped out of the round pen! Havier saw me and didn’t have a clue what had happened. Then it was his turn.”

“I swear, I could feel it in my ears.” added Havier.

“What is the next step now?” asked Annie.

“Well, we will have to be like hens walking on eggs.”

“Jake. I have got to see this! I am not making fun, but I just had a vision of what you would look like. Besides, a hen only has 2 legs and you have 4!”

“We could jump but then we may not land in the right place. Ohhhhhhhh!!! I don’t want to go there.” Jake answered as he shivered.

Everyone was so busy trying to problem solve that they didn’t see Leona coming towards them.

“Oh, we are really busted now.” whispered Jake.

“Well, good morning everyone!! Now I can see why there was no one for breakfast. I guess I don’t have to tell you that we put the spring fence up to protect the grass for a while! It’s breakfast time.”

Leona knew then, what had happened, because any other day the mention of breakfast would send everyone racing to the barn. Today, no one was moving.

“I know now that you had a run-in with the spring fence. Am I right Havier and Jake?” Now you don’t know where it is on the ground. That is why you aren’t moving. Can’t blame you, I wouldn’t move either. It’s alright. I can see it.” Leona picked it up and moved it very gingerly out of the way so she wouldn’t experience the same as Havier and Jake.

“Wow, am I ever glad to be back on the right side of the spring fence!”

“Me too Jake. Breakfast is going to taste really good this morning."

After breakfast, as she was leaving the barn…..
“Remember, the spring fence has power in it this year, so maybe Havier and Jake, you may want to wait until it is a bit lighter out before you make your rounds. If the Little ones go out with you keep an eye on them.”

And the door closed…..

“We aren’t the ones that need protecting.” Joseph laughed.

“I guess it proves that no matter how old or big you are there will be times when you may need some assistance! There is nothing wrong with that. We did feel silly when you came to see what had happened.” Havier added.

“Like you said Havier, we all need help sometime.” Baby replied.

“Yes, you are right Baby, and you won’t have to feel silly either. Right Jake?”

“Right Havier.”

Hi everyone, we are back! Hope you like our story from the Barn. There are times when we all need help in some way or another. It is alright to do so no matter how old or young you are. Next time, well let’s say, it will make you smile. Until then, stay safe and help someone if they need it.
Baby, Joseph, Havier, Jake, Little Annie and Catsville.

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