Issue: May 2021
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THE WINTER SUITEThere was nothing abnormal about the day so far, as Joseph glanced out the door. Just then, along comes none other than Baby and Annie!“We were just wondering where the cats have gone, Joseph, as the loft has been pretty quiet now for a while.”“Never thought about it, but now that yo... Read more


Annie gave a big stretch and as she sniffed the air she wondered why the weather didn’t feel right. Baby was already up watching the smoke rise from the neighbour’s chimney. “Oh look Baby! Look at the frost diamondson the grass. I wish they were real.” “I bet you do because you can’t have too much “... Read more


It was about an hour after sunrise when Joseph realized it was going to be hot. As he looked around, in his mind he could see that special patch of grass that was calling his name – not only to fill his belly but for a long, lazy summer sleep. Annie and Baby had gotten an early morning start to thei... Read more


The sun rose over the mountain top as it always does. Spring could be felt ever so slightly in the air. Baby left the window to find someone who was up. Just around the corner Baby came face to face with Joseph.“What are you doing up this time of the morning? Did the alarm clock in your head malfunc... Read more


No one day is the same when it comes to life at the barn. This morning was no different. Joseph had just forced his eyelids open to see what kind of day it was going to be when Baby passed by. “Looks like we are going to be under construction.” “Is that right, Baby?” Well wake me when it’s over.” sa... Read more

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