Issue: July 2019
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“Good morning.” shouted Annie as she went for some breakfast.“Don’t you think there has been a lot of activity around the barn lately with the arrival of the new trailer? At first I thought someone new was coming but as it turned out it was just an empty trailer that stayed! They have been fixing it... Read more

STORIES FROM THE BARN - "Things Are Never Always What They Seem"

These days, when the sun isn’t playing tag with the clouds, a ray of sunshine finds its way into the barn which gives everyone that extra bit of energy.“Why have you got that look on your face, Annie?” “Oh, that is nothing Havier.” “Really now. Annie, what have you been up to so early in the mornin... Read more


Hello Everyone:Before I start, I would like to say, “it feels great being back with the Stories from The Barn. I had to take some time off to deal with my time for healing and getting back to the stories”. Leona.ONE OF THOSE DAYSA heavy cloud hung over the mountain as Baby stared out of the window.... Read more


It had been a long time since Baby stopped in the morning to look through the window at the world. The morning mist was creeping slowly down the mountain bringing along the coolness of fall. Baby was getting a little bit nostalgic as he thought of days gone by when suddenly - “Baby! Baby! What time... Read more


There was something strange with the mood of the barn this morning. True, it was that time of the year for shows to start. The owners were busy packing up the trailer harnesses and everything else that is associated with going to a show but……… It was normal to take more than one cart, more than one... Read more

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