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Published on August 2021

Eating breakfast this morning there seems to be quietness in the barn for some unknown reason.

“Excuse me, but I have to ask why the long faces this morning?” asked Annie.
“What is there to be happy about? Summer is here and what have we done? NOTHING! On top of that, there is someone coming to see us, like other years”.
“Joseph is right, Annie. It was fun having visitors. We can’t do anything about it so let’s make the best of what we have.” said Baby.
“As much as I don’t want to admit it, Annie, you are right.”
“Aww, thanks Joseph. That made me feel all warm inside.”
“That is what I was afraid of – that it would go to your head.” laughed Joseph.
“Don’t know about the rest of you but I am going outside to enjoy the smells of summer.” Annie yelled as she ran outside.

Just then Havier and Jake came around the corner to see how things were with the littles.
“Joseph, why the gloomy face?” asked Havier.
“There is nothing to do.”
“We could see if we could arrange for you to get a bath to make you feel better.”
“Thanks Jake but no thanks. I am just fine. Maybe tomorrow or the next day.”
“We were thinking that we all should go to the big tree this afternoon for some story time. How does that sound?”
“I am ready. That is something we haven’t done in a long time.” replied Baby.
“Count me in too!” shouted Annie as she ran into the barn.

Seconds later there came a knock on the barn door. Everyone looked at one another, wondering why someone would do that! Then the door slowly opened and the noise coming from the other side left everyone confused. There were whispers, giggles and something else. Everyone was not sure if they should run, hide or stand their ground. After all – it was their home.

Everything happened so fast that there wasn’t time to make a plan. Standing in front of them were these humans! The littles hid behind Havier and Jake for protection and peeked out whenever they could.

“Who are they? They seem to know who we are! Annie whispered.
“Littles, there is nothing to worry about. Come out from behind us and take a good look.”
“Ok, Havier.” and one by one the other two followed Baby.
“Oh Baby! Do you remember me?” I was so small then but I remember you! I am Aurora.”
“Oh! I am so happy to see you again Annie and Joseph! It’s me…..Violet!”

The Littles stood playing that memory video in their heads – remembering those happy times. Then something was wrong – then there were two and now there is a baby!

“Oh! That is their mother. I remember her now. The day that she got sprayed by the water hose. I wonder if we can go close and say hi!” added Joseph.

It was so nice to feel those little hands again, giving them pats and hugs that they didn’t want the girls to stop. Even Havier and Jake got in on the action! There was one thing that everyone agreed on and that was the Baby. She just wanted to grab their ears.

“Mmm, I guess we will have to be fast to get away before she gets them.” Annie added.

Before long the hugs came to an end. Everyone was sad to see them start for the door.

“It was too short but it was better than nothing, I guess.” Joseph added as the door closed.

Suddenly, the door flew open! Both Violet and Aurora came running back in with carrots for everyone.

“Don’t look so sad. We are here for the summer and just think of all the fun we are going to have.” Bang went the door.
“The universe must have heard me this morning and brought some joy into our lives.”
“Joseph, I think you are getting a little soft in your old age.” Baby whispered.
‘On some things, I am Baby, but let’s just keep it under our hats.”
“I will because that is one of the things that makes friends. When you stop and think, Joseph, there is a lot of stuff under those hats.”

As night draws to a close…….

“I was just thinking how nice it is to have the grandchildren here once again and everyone having their vaccinations. It is going to be a good summer. I used to not like how small my ears were but now I am happy because mine won’t get pulled as much! Joseph, you got to be careful!”
“Baby, you are right on the mark. That is what makes me so handsome – is my big ears.”
“Joseph – say good night.”
“Good night world.”

Hi Everyone having the grandchildren home with us is going to make for a lot of interesting stories as the months goes by. Drop by next month for something unexpected.
Stay kind to one another. Summer is the time of accidents so stay safe as well

Baby, Joseph, Annie, Havier and Jake

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