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RONALD MIZON IN NOVA SCOTIA 1940 - 1944 Introduction

Published on January 2018

As many of you know, our web site has taken our "small community Newsletter" around the world.

We have been contacted by people in Ireland, England, and Colorado who are doing genealogical searches on their family name "Uniacke".  We have been contacted by people in Ontario who grew up here in the early to mid- 1900's and moved away. We have been contacted by still other people who had relatives who lived here and who grew up with stories of the Mount Uniacke Gold Mines.  Earlier this month, our web site brought still another "former resident" of Mount Uniacke back into our lives.  We have been contacted by Ronald Mizon (who just acquired a computer with access to the web) who was here in 1941/1943.  

This is his introduction to our Newsletter:  

Quote: "Hello there from Peterborough UK.  I was evacuated to Mt. Uniacke during the second world war with my sister.  I still have a fondness for Mt. Uniacke after all these years.  I could tell you a few of the things during the 2 years I spent with George B. Cole (known to us as Uncle George and Aunt Allie).  I have just acquired a computer and would welcome news of Mt. Uniacke and its growth and its residents.  I remember the store with Glen and Nina Simone.  The store was owned by George B Cole at one time.  Does anyone remember Uncle Wilber and my best friend Dave Williams?  I know lots and look forward to hearing from you."  End of quote. 

 We responded to Ronald's enquiry and we continue to share information.  Some of the memories that Ronald has had time to share with us up to this point are:  "Uncle" George Cole's parents used to live just around the corner from George's house which was next to one of his Uniacke saw mills in Uniacke " the other was way back in the woods near a lake and the logs were rolled into a boom and ferried in a boom pulled by a motor boat to the mill.  George and Ronald used to stay at the camp for two or three days at times.  The mill in Uniacke near the house was just a small operation.  Next to the house was his own private petrol pump and George got Ronald to pump up the gas and it went down by gravity.  George's car and trucks were filled up there as he saw fit.  George used to own the Uniacke gold mines and he once showed Ronald a lump of gold  "about as big as a hen's egg" from his mine.  Ronald remembers Sadie Siroy and Norma Blois (now Norma Mumford);  he remembers Norma's Grandpa, Judge Blois and going to his funeral a long time ago; he also remembers Mr. Barratt who was a minister here in Mount Uniacke.  Later there was Guy Case who married Eileen Cole who was the daughter of John L. Cole (Ronald thinks) or John E. Cole who were both brothers of Uncle George Cole.   Ronald also chummed with Lester and Ruth Kerr who lived down the road.   Mr. Frank Kerr ran a gas station.  Does anyone remember them?  During his second year here in Mount Uniacke, Ronald used to catch the train Monday to Friday to Windsor where he went to Windsor Academy.  I'm sure there are many older residents in Mount Uniacke who can remember those daily train rides? Ronald and his friends used to swim in Pentz Lake and built a raft and paddled the lake as well.  How many of our older residents remember those carefree days of summer on Pentz Lake?  Does anyone remember Lotte Fletcher?  Patsy Kerr used to live with them.   If you can remember Ronald or can share/know  some of these memories, please contact the editor of the Uniacke Newsletter to contact Ronald.

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