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Published on September 2022

Joseph had started the morning routine-trying to wake-up when Annie came running in. Joseph couldn’t understand why she was so worked up. All he could see was that she was carrying something in her mouth.

“Annie, what in the world has got you so excited?”
“Joseph! Joseph! Look at this leaf. It is RED!”
“Annie, I can’t see why you are getting so upset as they do that every year – turn colour.”
“But Joseph, it is too early for red leaves! That means that summer is going and we haven’t been on any adventures away from the barn!”
“You’re right, Annie. Oh well! It is what it is.”
A few days passed and nothing more was mentioned about the red leaf. Life continued on as planned. Eugene was working on the trailer, as he had been doing all summer, when Jake overheard a conversation….well, let’s tell it like it is – Jake was eavesdropping…..
“Hey Havier. I just heard Eugene telling someone they could come and get him.”
“Wonder if he was talking about the Exhibition because this is the time of the year they have it and COVID has lifted restrictions.” replied Havier.
“Well, if so, he is going to need some help getting ready because the trailer isn’t ready for the road.” answered Jake.
“Do you think that was what they were talking about?”
“It could have been, Jake. We will just have to wait this one out.”
Two days passed and then the puzzle started to come together. Joseph got to do what he loves and that is getting a bath!
“Joseph, are you feeling okay?”
“Why do you ask, Annie?”
“Well, we all know how you dislike getting wet and having the water run through your fur making you itchy when you get a bath.”
“You have to switch things up when you think someone knows what I am going to do. See you in a
bit. Got to keep the tradition going.” Joseph laughed.
“What tradition is he talking about, Jake?” asked Havier.
“My guess is as good as yours, Buddy.”
A few minutes later Joseph came back with the biggest smile on his face.
“Okay, let’s hear the story behind that smile.” yelled Annie.
“We went down to see Leona at the house to get a treat. While she was getting my treat, I was getting impatient waiting so I thought I would have some fun. Just as she opened the door, I sprang into action. Just like a jack rabbit, I leapt over the steps and onto the veranda.”
“JOSEPH!! You didn’t!” shouted Annie.
“It was a zinger. You should have seen the look on her face when I did, as we were standing side by side. Priceless!!!”
“So, let me see which one was the tradition – getting the treat or your jack rabbit jump?”
“Can’t say for sure which one was the best. I’ll let you know when I know.”
“One of these days, Joseph!!!!!” Annie added as she walked away.
The next evening………
“Joseph! Joseph! There is a trailer in the driveway. You are going to the Exhibition!” shouted Annie so hard that Havier and Jake came to see what was going on. Just then a lady opened the door of the trailer.
“Wow, Joseph! You look so shiny. Give it your best and we will be waiting to hear all about it when you get back. Havier said.
While the others stood watching, Joseph jumped onto the trailer and joined the others.
As bedtime was drawing near Havier and Jake noticed that Annie was looking sad.
“Are you okay, Annie?” asked Havier.
“I have never stayed alone in the little barn before. I always had Baby when Joseph went to a show.” Annie replied as she lowered her head.
“No worries, Annie. You are not going to be alone because you are going to have a sleepover with us in the big barn until Joseph comes back.”
The look on Annie’s face changed as she snuggled up to Havier and Jake for the night.

Hi everyone! Hope you liked Part One. See you next month with the conclusion of “On the Road Again”. Stay safe, help others and be kind.

Joseph, Annie, Havier, Jake and
The Cats.

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