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Published on January 2018

Scout turned his head just in time to see Baby sliding to the floor of the barn. Annie was about to say something when she saw Baby going down.

“Someone!!!! Make THE CALL” Annie yelled as she danced around Just then the Vet slowly walked to the  door telling the owner she would be right back.   Annie looked at Scout

“She’s making THE CALL, isn’t she

Scout?” Annie asked

“No Annie, but she will help”

“Annie can you run over and get

TC?” said Scout

“I will, but what is TC going to

do?” asked Annie

“Just go and get TC Annie” Scout

needed back-up for this one.

“You didn’t say please Scout ,That

is rude” answered Annie

“Sorry.  Please, can you do that for me?” asked Scout

“Okay” Annie answered as she ran

off to get TC.

“TC!! You have to come right now,

Baby has fallen and he can’t get up” Annie shouted

“I guess this is it TC” Seeker


“I hope I can remember everything

that Missy taught me” answered TC as she made her way to see what was going on.

“If you don’t then I guess you

will have fly by the seat of your pants”

“That is what I am afraid of” TC


“Good luck TC”

“TC, I have never been more pleased

to see you than I am right now.”

“Getting a lot of questions


“Just a bit and I don’t have all

the answers.”

“See TC, I told you Baby was


“It’s going to be alright just

wait and see” answered TC

“What’s wrong with Baby TC?” asked


“Too much excitement Annie”

“Excitement! All we were doing

was just standing here!”

Just then the vet returned

carrying a small bag. “This will do the trick”  she said

“What does she have TC?” asked


“Just something to wake him up”


The vet took the tiny bottle from

the bag and gently waved it under Baby’s nose.

As everyone looked on Baby’s nose

twitched just slightly.

“Did you see that” Annie


By this time Joseph was beginning

to think that he had done a good job standing still. No one was paying him any

attention as if he wasn’t there. He wished he could to see what was happening

but didn’t want to blow his cover.

The vet was about to try again

when Baby opened his eyes. He jumped up faster than he went down but looking a

bit puzzled.

“Why are you all looking at me?”

Baby asked as he brushed his body with his tail. 

“You fainted”

“I did WHAT?”

“You fainted when the vet mentioned

canine or wolf.”

Baby was quiet for a moment.


“Baby!  Listen to us before you faint again”

“Okay, but I am not going to do

that again”  Baby said in a low voice

“You see Baby, before you went to

the floor I was going to tell you that the file, as you call it, is called a

rasp.  It’s going to help Joseph’s teeth

feel better. Before you ask, Joseph is still Joseph – stupid as ever. Wolf is

the name given to a certain tooth, the same as a canine.”

“You mean that Joseph isn’t a

wolf or dog?”

“No Baby he is neither one.   Are

you wide awake yet?”

Baby didn’t answer as he looked

down at the floor wondering what to say. He felt kind of silly about finding

out what had happened to him.

After the vet took a quick look

at Baby, and seeing that he was on the mend, she turned her attention back to


“I guess my cover is blown if

she’s back here with me” Joseph thought to himself.

“Let’s get busy” the vet said as

she made sure that Joseph was positioned properly in the corner. Out of her bag

came something else.

“Scout, what is that?” Baby asked

“Well, you know that is what they

call a Dentist’s vice. It will keep Joseph’s mouth open and the Vet won’t have

to worry about getting her fingers bitten.”

“Joseph won’t do that to the vet”

said Annie

“Not on purpose.” said Scout.

The vet looked at Joseph and said

things were going to get better as she patted him on the side of the neck.

“Easy enough for her to say, she

isn’t me” Joseph said under his breath.

Just then, Murphy popped his head

in the barn door, looked around and decided there had to be some place better

than here to spend the day. Before Annie could say hello to Murphy he was gone.

The vet looked at the owners

telling them there was just one thing left to do before she started. She had to

give Joseph a needle.

“A NEEDLE!!  Scout,

say something to Joseph so he won’t see it.”

“Well, I see you have returned to normal Baby”

“It’s not all about me but I am

worried about Joseph”

“I know Baby”

Just so happens, the vet had

already given the needle while Baby and Joseph were talking.

“Look at Joseph, his head in

hanging down” Annie said 

“Annie that’s right.  It means that Joseph is feeling happy” said


“What do you mean TC?  Joseph has a sore mouth.  He’s not happy”. Baby said looking bewildered

as to why TC would say that.

“I’m sorry, Baby for saying it

that way. I am nervous looking out for you little ones on my own. What I meant

to say is the needle would help Joseph to relax. He will know the vet is there

but won’t feel what she is doing” said TC

Baby put his nose against TC’s

leg saying he understood.

“Come here with me Little Ones so

we can all watch together.” said TC

“You said that Joseph won’t feel

it, is that right?” Baby asked

“That is right Baby, your Buddy

will be back to normal soon.” answered TC

“Let’s position the vice in

Joseph’s mouth” the Vet said.

Annie wasn’t sure what was going

to happen so she got as close to TC as she could looking through TC’s legs.

The Vet picked up Joseph’s head

letting it fall gently.

“We can continue now.  Joseph is quite relaxed.” said the Vet

With the extra help of the owners

the vice slid into Joseph’s mouth with no problem.

“Let’s have a good look” said the

Vet as she moved her fingers around inside Joseph’s mouth.

“Well, we are lucky. I can’t feel

a wolf or canine so that means we just have some filing to do. There are a

couple of teeth that are quite sharp. They certainly would make a lot of pain

for Joseph.”

“Baby, Joseph looks so funny with

that in his mouth” Annie whispered.

“He looks something like an

alligator with his mouth open”

“Pretty funny alligator with big

ears” Annie answered back.

Scout and TC couldn’t help but

smile to themselves listening to the conversation.

The Vet placed the rasp in a

bucket of water several times as she filed.

“Scout, why is the Vet doing that

with the water?” Baby asked

“It is to clean it and get rid of

any small pieces of the tooth stuck to it.”

Annie was watching everything

very closely.

“Hey everyone, check out my

teeth” Annie said as she held open her mouth.

“What’s wrong with your teeth

Annie”?  Baby asked

“I just want to make sure I am

not going to have that done”.

“Oh Annie, you have baby

teeth.  Your teeth will be good for a

long time. ” TC said.

“Well if I am alright, what about


“I don’t want to talk about it


The Vet was shining her light in

Joseph’s mouth.

She turned off the light and said Joseph was good to

go. He will have no problems eating.” said the vet as she

gathered up her belongings to leave.

“What do we do now?” asked Annie as the Vet closed

the barn door.

“Well, we just have to watch and see Joseph is okay”

said TC.

Joseph stood in his stall holding his head down.

“Why hasn’t Joseph said anything?” asked Baby

“Well the effects of the needle are still there and his

head feels heavy” replied TC

“You can say that again” Joseph said as he could hear

 them in the distance.

Just then Joseph lost his balance hitting the side of his


“Oh NO!!! Joseph is going to faint just like Baby did.”

Annie yelled

“No Annie, Joseph is just trying out his legs” answered


“Why does he want to do that when he has been

 standing on them all day?”

Everyone looked at Annie

“Okay I’ll keep quiet now” Annie said as she walked

closer to the side of Joseph’s


An hour passed and with each passing minute Joseph

started to feel better, except for a few parts of his body.

Baby couldn’t wait any longer

“Joseph, tell me, are you alright?” Baby said with a look

 of total concern on his face.

Joseph turned,  looking at Baby

and said, “My whips”

Baby turned to Scout looking confused.

“What is Joseph saying…his whips….what are whips?”

“Oh Barbar my whips!!!!” Joseph answered

Baby was getting anxious and went running for TC

“TC !!!! you have to come back Joseph has whips now.”

shouted Baby

“Whips?’ TC  replied

“Yes, TC, he is saying my whips and Barbar”

TC could tell that Baby was upset so she followed him

back to see Joseph. Just as they arrived Joseph was

 saying it again and rubbing his

head on his leg.

Baby looked at TC

“Well, TC, what has he got now?”

“Nothing Baby, Joseph’s lips feel big to him and he is

having trouble getting his tongue to work with his lips.”

“Then what is Barbar?” Baby wanted to know

“You” answered TC


“He is trying to say Baby but it is not coming out right.”

Baby looked at Joseph shaking his head and trying to

understand. I guess things will get better Baby thought

to himself as he watched Joseph.

Later on that night when things were quiet Baby was

still keeping a close eye on Joseph when suddenly he

heard “Barbar Barbar”

Baby shouted to Scout.

Joseph started to throw some hay over to Baby.


“What Baby.”

“Oh Joseph you were just teasing then weren’t you.”

“Yes Baby, I feel fine now.”

“Oh Joseph, I was worried so much about you and what

 was going to happen. I am so

happy you are alright.

 You are my Buddy” Baby said in

a soft voice.

“Mine too Baby”

“Good night everyone” TC yelled

“Good Night TC and thanks for being there for us


“I guess you didn’t fly with your pants down” Seeker


“Half and half Seeker. I made a couple of mistakes but

we made it through.”

Murphy stuck his head in and decided it was safe to

come in and Annie was so tired that she fell asleep

eating her hay.

Hello everyone, we hope you

enjoyed part 2 of

Joseph and The Dentist.

Sometimes we

may not understand when things


to someone we care for but we can still

be there for them like everyone was


Joseph. We also learned it is okay

to ask

questions when we don’t


what is happening.That is the

only way

we will learn.

Next month’s story is about

Freedom after 30 Days. 

See you then.  Baby, Joseph, Scout and

Little Annie

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