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Published on January 2018

A published author advertised in the Chronicle Herald for information related to British child evacuees to Canada during World War 2.  Two residents in Mount Uniacke saw the ad, contacted the writer – Millard Wright – and advised him of our “Ronald Mizon” stories and our web site.  Talks commenced, Ronald gave his permission for the stories to be used, the Uniacke Newsletter gave permission for usage and the writing has begun. Hopefully the book will be completed by the end of 2012 and as Millard has stated – “the stories are full of information and very useful”.  We have updated our web site to accommodate Millard and over the summer we will be uploading more photos. We have made a deal to have a copy of the book sent to Ronald and the Uniacke Newsletter.  We will set up in the Mount Uniacke Library.

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