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Published on October 2022

“Where does the time go?” Annie asked Jake.

“What do you mean, Annie?”

“Well, Joseph will be coming home soon, was what I mean.”

“We better have our cars ready, Annie.”

“You have that one right, Jake!”

No sooner were the words leaving Annie’s lips when that familiar sound broke the airwaves.

“JOSEPH IS HOME!!!!” Annie yelled as she ran to greet him

Within seconds Joseph was on the ground after the doors opened. Havier and Jake came to join Annie. Suddenly, Joseph stopped in his tracks.

“Are you okay Joseph?”

Joseph turned around, looking at the others.

“Baby is not there where he always was when I came back from the show.”

“It’s okay. Baby is here, in our hearts.” added Jake.

Havier gave everyone a moment.

“We can’t wait to hear all about your adventure, Joseph.”

Joseph brayed to the other minis in the trailer as they rolled down the road toward home.
“Let’s go in the barn and get ready.” Havier said.

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” Annie yelled as she ran ahead of the others to find the best place to hear Joseph’s story.

Jake announced that Joseph had the floor.

“It was different going in Lisa’s trailer with the other minis. There was some small talk on the way, but the main thing on all our minds was our stalls except me. Suddenly, there it was, a room with a view! I was so happy. The games can begin. Some people just looked, while others would talk to Eugene. There was a father and son who stopped to pat me. The father started to rub my ears. I was in heaven! How was I going to get the most out of it? Then they walked away. I did the only thing I could – I brayed. I think I captured their attention for about five minutes, braying each time they started to leave.

Then there was the fan club that was so excited to see me back. Being the only donkey has its perks.

There were five classes in all. I will tell you about two. The others were normal for me.
In the first class, there were nine of us. I knew I had my work cut out for me. I was ready!
Baby, this one is for you. I left it all out on the arena floor. I PLACED in 6th place!!!!!! I’ll take it.
The way I see it, I did my best. That is all you can do.

Then came the barrels. Once my name came across the loudspeaker saying I was next to come, I could hear the crowd even before I got in the arena.

I sized up those three barrels as we turned the corner to take them on. I started picking up speed. It was show time. Each time we circled a barrel the fan club got louder and louder. Coming into the home stretch, all I could hear was GO JO JO GO over and over. I gave it my all. Then came the time. The announcer said Joseph was no longer on the other side of the 1 minute. They did it under a minute. The fan club went crazy. Eugene patted me on my butt to show how proud he was of me.

We did our best. I have returned from my adventure safe and sound.

“Oh, Joseph, it sounded like it was fun! Can you tell us more?” Annie added.

“Have to leave some for rainy days Annie.”

“Now I need to get a drink of water and have a roll in the dirt.” Joseph laughed as he did just that.

Hello everyone. We hope you enjoyed Part 2. The lesson we learned was to have fun, do your best and do it all with a smile.

Next month we will do it again. Remember to help others where and when you can and keep love in your heart, not hate. Stay safe.

Joseph, Annie, Havier, Jake and Momma Kitty and the kids

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