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Published on September 2018

It had been a long time since Baby stopped in the morning to look through the window at the world. The morning mist was creeping slowly down the mountain bringing along the coolness of fall. Baby was getting a little bit nostalgic as he thought of days gone by when suddenly -

“Baby! Baby! What time of the year is it?” ask Annie.

“Annie, that is a strange question so early in the morning.”

“You know me Baby. I was just wondering.” Annie said as she delicately walked away

“That was kind of strange but then sometimes it's just a donkey thing.” Baby said to himself, then went back to reminiscing. Later on that morning Baby was telling Joseph about Annie and asking him if he had any idea what she was talking about.

“Baby, you know Annie. She gets these wild ideas and she likes to make you guess what it is. Better yet, let’s find her and see what it is.”

Just then, Annie came running into the barn.

“Oh, Joseph, you’re up! Fid know you are FAMOUS!!!!!!!????????”

“Famous? What are you talking about Annie?” asked Joseph in a confusing voice.

“Oh! You haven’t seen it yet?”

“Annie - seen what?” Baby asked.

“In that case, you have to come with me, and no, I wasn’t snooping. I swear I wasn’t.”
“Where are we going?”

“Tack room.” answered Annie.


“What Joseph?”

“If we’re going to the tack room, then you were snooping.”

“Well, maybe just a little, but wait until you see this!”

“Oh, I hope this is good because if we get caught it will be as bad as going to the big tree all by ourselves.” Baby whispered.

“Just take a look at the book on the table.” Annie said.

For a few minutes there were 3 sets of eyes, so huge, staring at this book.

“WOW!!!! Joseph that is you. There is your name with Leona’s!”

“Baby, I don’t know what to say. Wow! I made it to the cover of the Ex Booklet! How is that possible? It is not Times Magazine but it is good enough for me! Just imagine all the people that are going to be looking at me!”

“Right now, we have got to get out of here before we get in trouble.” Baby replied.

As they tip–toed out Joseph was stepping a bit higher than usual and both Baby and Annie knew he was happy.

Sure enough, the next week the Exhibition started in Windsor. Joseph arrived as he always does with a loud bray to let everyone know that he had arrived. Friday and Saturday went by in a blink of an eye and before Joseph knew it Sunday had arrived. The pace had slowed down somewhat with only a few classes left.

As the trailer pulled into the barn, the whole neighbourhood knew he was back. Baby and Annie, along with Havier and Jake, waited patiently for him to come off the trailer.
“JOSEPH YOU GOT A RIBBON!!!!!! Wow, is it ever pretty!” Annie shouted jumping up and down with joy.

“This is the best ribbon I have ever received.” said Joseph.

“But you have received others.”

“I have Baby, but it is how I got this one that makes it so special. Can we go to the Big Tree, Havier? I need some fresh air and a good roll and I will tell you all about it.”

“Let’s go everyone. That is the place for storytelling.” added Havier.

Once there, a circle was formed and Joseph had the floor.

“What a weekend…..10 minis and me! There were some new, and some old, friends. By the way, they all said “Hi” to everyone. When Sunday came I was ready like everyone else to come home but there was one class left. Obstacles. My cart had a flat and that was the first thing that had to be fixed. Not a problem. Then I got harnessed up. Things were going well when it was discovered the tire was flat again. Now, this was a problem and the only
thing that could be done was scratch. Off our owner went to the announcer bench to tell them.

The next thing I heard was “You can’t scratch.” “But my tire is done.” “You can use my cart I am using the roaster.”

At that point I thought, NO! NO! My mind is set on going home, NOT Obstacles!!!!! Just then, I saw his apron hit the floor. I am safe now and that was so far from the truth.

Next I heard “I can help you get ready. Go and tell them you are in”. That was a 4-H Mom.

There I was back in harnesss, hitched to Comanche Moon’s cart. Before I knew it I was back in the arena!
I kept thinking about my picture on the cover of the booklet. There were people who came to see me and after all that has happened, I am going to give them my all. I hope he remembers the pattern because I can only do what he directs me to do. This is going to take real team work. IT’S SHOW TIME!!!!! Before I knew it, the course was done and we were heading to the finish line with the crowd cheering us on. What a rush! Now all that was left was the placing. Then I heard 6th place Joseph, and the crowd cheered. The announcer went on to say that Joseph goes at his own pace, which isn’t fast, but he was the only one that had NO FAULTS!. When I heard that I knew we had both done our best. Now, you see why I say this is the best ribbon? Because it took a community to get us back out there. We all go in the arena to compete, and maybe win, but we are all a family too. That is what is important.”

“Wow Joseph, now we understand why this one is so special!” said Havier.

“The other part of the weekend that was special was when I heard those voices yelling “GO JoJo GO!!!” I knew then that my family - Violet, Aurora and their Mom - were there cheering us along.”

“Did anyone know it was you on the booklet?”

“Let’s just say I may need to have a stamp made with my hoof print on it to accommodate the crowd!”


“Just kidding.”

Hi Everyone. If you were at the Exhibition in Windsor you may have been there for this class. When we come out into the arena, we are all cleaned up and looking our best. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that you don’t get to see, or know about, and we wanted to give you a chance to see it all through our eyes. Also, if you are competing in a sport, someone may need help because the most important ribbon you receive may be one like Joseph’s

Until next time.

Baby, Joseph, Havier,Jake and Annie

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