Issue: July 2024
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Mt. Uniacke Quarry Expansion Project (from 4ha - 40ha) - PART 1 of 6

To: Andrew Rodgers

Northumberland Capital Corporation Inc. (NCCI)

16 Fielding Avenue

Dartmouth, NS

RE: Mt. Uniacke Quarry Expansion Project (from a 4ha - 40 ha)

We will start off by first apologizing for the length of these statements of facts and concerns, however, they represent the seriousness of these matters to the many good people of the Community of Mount Uniacke. There was no easy way to shorten that up. So, we thank you in advance for taking the time.

Mr. Rodgers, as nearby area residents to the quarry location, we do not see this as a 'positive' proposal for what was once our beautiful and peaceful environment in which we chose to reside and raise our family, now our grandchildren. It is for these same reasons we opposed the initial 4ha quarry operation approved in 2015.

We will address Mr. Rodgers, first as the proponent of this industrial activity and then, as we move through our concerns, we will address the pertinent staff of NSE who are going to be the deciders of this expansion project.

We'll start by saying we didn't want this industrial activity in our neighbourhood seven years ago and we still feel the same. As a matter of fact, we feel stronger after seven years of the negative impacts to the area, the Uniacke Mines Rd (in particular we must travel on) on which we live and pay taxes.

In our personal opinion, an industrial activity such as a rock quarry doesn't belong, and shouldn't be allowed, in such an environment for many valid reasons. We see many in areas around the Province nowhere near residential communities - one out by the airport for example. We fully realize and understand these type of industrial activities are essential for the economic success, growth and aggregate needs of our Province - just not smack dab in the middle of a pristine residential, country and lake environment such as ours. It has become the opinion of many that our Government's department mandated to safeguard our environment doesn't always have the best interests of its citizens, or our environment, at the heart of their decisions on these industrial matters.

"There are areas where they should be deemed suitable, or not, by our Government" is the opinion of the many always impacted by such decisions. The Government of NS owns much Crown Land, in every County, throughout this great Province. Why our Government allows this in established communities throughout this Province is of great concern to many groups.

Why does our Government not have designated parcels of crown land to offer these companies that would be good for such industrial activities - available for lease or purchase to those wishing to operate industrial activities and far enough away from taxpayers' roads and homes so as not to cause these negatives?

Rather than the current practice, it seems to the taxpayers, that Government lets the proponents tell them where they wish to operate and accept the locations no matter the impacts to the public already situated in the vicinity. As long as the proponents can check all the appropriate boxes, is all that seems to matter! Although we hope to prove to the Department of NSE that in this particular case, with this particular company (NCCI), they did not 'check' all the required boxes.

There should be a land-use by-law that no industrial activity can be approved within a certain radius of a residential, business and school community. We know this is only a pipe dream because that would make too much sense. That would mean the Government officials making these Acts & Regulations that guide such operations would be taking the public's (taxpayer's) best interests into account - quality of life issues as well as that of the environment of a Community.

But, we realize laws take time and won't help in these circumstances today. Clearly our Government would've thought to have done this themselves, by now, if they really cared about including what's best for its citizens as part of their decision-making.

NOTHING about NCCI's industrial activity lends 'benefits' to the immediate area residents or the community of Mount Uniacke as a whole.

It is clear that no one in NSE who was part of the industrial approval of seven years ago, took into consideration the "public's best interest or quality of life issues" that the taxpayers of the Uniacke Mines Road (in particular) would be having to endure going forward. That is a shameful, purposeful act, in our opinion, on the Department of Environment!

PUBLIC CONCERNS OF NON-COMPLIANCE by NCCI...this is definitely a box NOT checked

The very first issue of concern on this subject is the way we, as area residents, were made aware of NCCI's intent to apply for an expansion permit of said industrial activity.

Part 1 (go to Part 2)

Due to article being so large, we had to split into several "articles".

Letter sent in by a very concerned Mount Uniacke Resident