Issue: Christmas 2018
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We were blessed to learn many valuable lessons from Wayne during his 61 years. Standing in front of the T.V is optimal for viewing it, coke tastes better with rum, talking as loud as possible is the only way to be heard, unless doing construction with his son Nathan; then extra loud is required. Winter tires are a must for driving and constant reminders were needed for his daughter Melissa.

A testament of love from his wife Adorna was the 41 years of marriage she spent holding his hand and staring at his crooked feet sticking out from the bed sheets. Not sure how his grandchildren Mariah, Sophie, Nic, Alex and George could tickle them.

If good luck comes in three, pronounced tree if you’re a proud Caper, then Wayne was lucky to have that with his sisters Linda, Bev and Darlene. They, along with lots of extended family and friends will miss his humor, laugh and infectious smile.

His mother Phyllis must have been looking for a crib partner for his father Francis and asked God to send Wayne. To celebrate this, you can join us Friday, December 21st from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm and Saturday, December 22nd at 11:00am at JA Snow Funeral Home at 339 Lacewood Drive, Halifax.

As Wayne would say “love you lots”.