Issue: November 2018
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Next deadline: November 23


The current repairs on the Union Church, Etter Road, are being done by two members of our community. They are repairing and doing the siding up to the windows (for more details on the exact work required please contact Anna Steadman through St. Paul’s United Church at or
902-866-2510) and arrange to lend a helping hand. Many hands make light work and supporting hands would be very much appreciated. We DESPERATELY need volunteers for the Association - and of course money - but definitely people with active minds and bodies to guide the trustees would be a blessing. The present trustees are burnt out and the health of the driving force behind the protection / repairing of the Union Church – Arlene Bent - has reached the point where she can no longer endure the task. Volunteer your energies, your devotions and your time to the Union Church (the second oldest building in our community after the Uniacke House) and help the present volunteers finish this project. Call today to help the Union Church and its supporters secure the future of this building. Thank you.