Issue: October 2018
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Next deadline: October 19


After many emails and letters, on July 19, 2018 Scott Streiner, Chairman & CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency wrote to Darrell Samson, MP Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook stating that he (Streiner) “has assigned a compliance panel to investigate whether CN has complied with the transfer and discontinuance process. Upon completion of its examination, the Agency will issue the appropriate decisions under the Act.” No time line for a decision was given. We had filed a complaint with the CTA because we feel that CN should not have been negotiating with W&HRC as they are not an operational railroad.

We also have been given a deadline of September 28, 2018 to submit to the Nova Scotia Utility & Review Board details as to why we feel that the license to operate a railroad currently held by the Windsor & Hantsport Railway Company should be suspended or revoked. We are taking this action as we were told by a CN vice-president that the only reason that they are negotiating with W&HRC is because they have a license to operate a railway in Nova Scotia.

Stay tuned for the results of these two activities.

Paul Smith
President, Uniacke Trails Association