Issue: July 2019
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Next deadline: August 29


Uniacke Trails submitted evidence to the NSUARB on April 30, 2019 outlining why we feel the operating license of the Windsor & Hantsport Railway Company (WHRC) should be revoked.

The legal counsel for WHRC submitted their evidence on June 17, 2019. The intervenors (East Hants, West Hants and Nova Scotia Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal) have until July 18, 2019 to submit any evidence they feel is relevant to the hearing.

Copies of the Complaint are available for viewing at the offices of the Board, Summit Place, 1601 Lower Water Street, 3rd Floor, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The application is also available on the Board website at: (Matter No. M08802)
Anyone wishing to comment on the Application may make written comments by sending a submission to the Board on or before Friday, July 26, 2019, at: Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, PO Box 1692, Stn. “M”, Halifax, NS B3J 3S3, or by fax at 902-424-3919 or by email at:

Brief Summary of Uniacke Trails Complaint to NSUARB Complaint: The Uniacke Trails Association filed a complaint on September 28, 2018 that the Windsor & Hantsport Railway Company is not operating pursuant to the terms of its operating license and is in contravention of the RAILWAYS ACT. Uniacke Trails asked the NSUARB to revoke the WHRC licence.

Owned and Leased: In 1994 the WHRC purchased the Railway line form Falmouth to the Kentville town line and a short line from the gypsum mines in Manteau to the Windsor Causeway. The causeway at Windsor is owned by the Province and WHRC has easement. In 1994 WHRC was given a lease from CN to operate on the Windsor Junction to Windsor railway line. The lease expired in December 2012. WHRC is attempting to purchase this section from CN.

Licence for two sections – WHRC has a licence to operate on the Windsor Junction to Windsor line and a licence to operate on the Falmouth to Kentville town line.

Amend or revoke licence for Windsor Junction to Windsor – WHRC should not have a licence to operate on the Windsor Jct. to Windsor line. WHRC has no rights, ownership, lease or permission to operate a railway service nor insurance on this line. The WHRC
Licence (Railways Act 52A) should be amended to revoke the Licence to operate on this line.

Revoke Licence Falmouth to Kentvile Town Line

No maintenance
No inspections
No railway service for over 6 years yet has not applied for discontinuance as required
Altered railway line by covering and removing tracks without notification as required
Altered railway line west of Grand Pre by construction of trails both on tracks and within ROW without notification
Impossible for WHRC or another operator to carry out rail operation
WHRC has retained a licence to operate a railway service where no railway service has occurred for many years and at present is not possible. The operating licence should be revoked.

Opportunity for Public Comment

Uniacke Trails has been lobbying to have the railway line from Windsor Junction to the Town of Windsor placed in public ownership with the ultimate goal being the establishment of a 50 km long recreational trail. Now is the opportunity for your voice to be heard. Please contact me if you have any questions or want further clarification.

Paul Smith
President, Uniacke Trails Association