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(Our Volunteer Fire Department has shared registration sheets with the Uniacke Newsletter dated 1948 to 1955 and we thought it would be a great idea to share with the community). Some were Volunteer Fire Fighters and some were members of the community who wanted to suport the Fire Department by becoming auxiliary members.

We will post one sheet every month in the hard copy of the Uniacke Newsletter until ALL sheets have been entered.

1949 - list of people who paid dues in 1949


John Turnbull

Geo. B. Cole

R. Patriquin

John M. Cole

J. Renner

Ralph Blois

Fred Hunt

Ed Giles

J. Reddy

Russell MacIvor

G. Madill

Jim Moore

H.B. Blois

Dave rockwell

Ira Mackie

April Hubley

Chas MacKenzie

Dave Williams

Norman Al Molkey

Mr. Kaulback

Miss Etter

Arthur Mumford

Mr. Pinkman

R. Borden

Doug Shunamon

G.R. Seaman

Wm. Madill

Mosher Johnson

t. MacLellan

B. McGrath

Fire Chief 1949 - George B. Cole

President 1949 - John M. Cole

Vice-President 1949 - R.A. Blois

Secretary / Treasure 1949 - #.L. Giles

It is noted on the record sheet that 2 Fire Whistles were purchased from the Fire Marshall for $2.00 each and the Bingo Game of May 27th made a profit of $12.25.

We do apologize if parts of any of the names are incorrect. These were taken from actual signatures and we all know some signatures are very hard to read. If corrections are required please contact us.