Issue: July 2024
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Next deadline: August 26


Since moving back to Mount Uniacke in 1988, there has been no peace. While living on Etter Road, we fought the second waste dump after years of suffering from odour and low housing prices and stigma. So, we moved to the now end of Rockwell Drive at #305, thinking we found a place of peace and here, after fighting the existing quarry and we tried and lost, we now are faced with a very large expansion of it! For years we have endured the grit and dust, noise and explosions from blasting. My breathing is very bad now. One blast was so bad that my husband thought it was an earthquake with the chandelier rattling and the floor moving, but no, it was just the blasting. My windows are never clean and everything has a film of grit and dirt. And now it will come much closer, so what will happen to our wells and foundations?

Behind our house lives barred Owls that nest every summer, foxes, turtles, bears, etc. The headwaters for the Sacville River begin behind our house and I know there exists information at the public office in Milford on the protection of this area. I have seen it!

It is a wonderful place here and a new phase of Rockwell is going further back toward the Mines Road. What will this do to this area and the tax base that will result from this development? Will people still want to live here?

This expansion needs to be STOPPED!

I have lost most of my faith in the Provincial Government to protect our environment or our investment in the area. Nova Scotia could probably save a lot of money by axing this part of government as it has been abysmal in doing anything to help our environlent. Just look at Owl's Head!

Come on folks. Now is your chance to renew my faith in government again!

Arlene Bent, 305 Rockwell Drive, Mount Uniacke