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Gary Sampson, Government Licensed - 902-440-0592 RITEWAY PEST CONTROL

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2489 St. Margaret's Bay Road, Timberlea, NS. B3T 1H1

EDITOR'S NOTE: To all our readers: we all know it's bug season and we have been assaulted with all kinds of bugs since the warm weather arrived. It's pretty easy to keep a lot of the bugs out of our homes but ants seem to be the peskiest bugs around. No matter how many "ant traps" we set, no matter how much "bug spray" we used and no matter how much "vinegar" we sprayed around our foundation those "pesky ants" seemed to find their way into our home, onto our counters, into our food on counters and just seemed to invade every nook and cranny and open space in our home to the point of hopelessness. Not a day could pass without my husband and I squishing more and more ants and spraying more and more "ant killer" to the point of becoming hopelessly lost in the process. Riteway Pest Control contacted the Uniacke Newsletter asking to place an ad in the current and summer edition of our community newsletter. The hard copy had already gone out but we accepted the ad and placed it in the July/August edition. We then accepted the "Pest Control" solution because our vinegar supply just didn't seem to be working; our sprays didn't work at all; our ant traps repelled the ants more than "catching" them so they re-located in the house, etc. One spray application by Riteway along the sidewalk, around the deck, inside the sunroom and inside the kitchen and diningroom and ALL ants mysteriously disappeared! Not one to jump to conclusions, we waited a couple of days.......and nothing!!! Not an ant anywhere to be found where the spray was applied or close to the spray location! HAPPY DAYS!! It took mere seconds for the application and we have peace of mind, no more ant-chasing, no more "legs" crawling up our arms and legs, and no matter what time or how many times we check around / inside / under / above the kitchen waste containers - there are no longer any little "busy ants" making our lives miserable"! John and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RITEWAY PEST CONTROL TO TAKE THE SHORT MINUTES FOR COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND! Give them a call and STOP SCRATCHING and CHASING BUGS in the comfort of your own homes! John and Rosanne Bland