Issue: December 2018
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Red Bear connects voicemail & provides vital communication services to anyone who is experiencing poverty or homelessness. This services is particularly useful for job seekers who need to stay in contact with potential employers, people who are looking for a new place to live and need a way to stay in contact with potential landlords, or anyone who needs a way to stay in touch with family or friends.

How it works: Call Red Bear Healing Home at 902-448-4744 to set up an account or call 211 and ask to be connected to Red Bear to avoid incurring long distance charges. Sign up is quick and easy. You will receive a telephone number with an extension to a confidential voicemail box.

For more information visit

or call Carla

at 902-448-4744.

Hailey Wills, Outreach Worker

Red Bear Healing Home

902-331-0367 (Hailey's cell)

902-448-4744 (Red Bear Healing Home)



Twitter: myredbear