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RCL BRANCH #165 gh Facebook when we are back up and running.

Uniacke & District Br. # 165 is closed due to the ongoing Covid 19 crisis. All activities and events are cancelled. We will advise everyone through Facebook when we are back up and running.

MEMBERSHIP: Interested in becoming a member? Contact the branch at 902-866-4022. Membership dues are $50.00

A fundraiser sponsored by the Mt. Uniacke Legion. Must be 19 years of age or older to participate.

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In October of 2016, the Legion usedone of its ballfields to open up as anoff-leash dogpark forthe community. This dog park is gated and is located onLegion property. For those who know the property, itiswhat used to be Field #3. There is a sign posted as well as a set of general rules for people to follow.

There are also buckets for people to put their garbage in. There are extra garbage bags in the steel bin next to the buckets. It would be appreciate if dog owners could bring up the bags every once in a while and put them in the wooden garbage container under the Legion deck. If you bringhtem up when they are half full, they wouldn'be be as heavy. Also, to let us know when there are no more garbage bags would be appreciated.

The owners of the Playful Paws Inc., Heather Brown and Tiffany Sullivan, made a donation to assist us with the upkeep of the off-leash dog park. On behalf of the Legion and the community members of Mount Uniacke who use the dog park, wethank them for their kind donations. Please check out their Facebook page - Playful Paws.

Anyone wish to comment can do so on our Facebook Group, Uniacke & District Br #165 or email us at

If you see anything that needs repairs or needs to be done please contact us.

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We are located at 18 Veterans Lane