Issue: Christmas 2018
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We receive questions from our residents every now and then about “differences” or “changes” within our community. Earlier this month we received the following question from a resident and, because we were also curious as to why, how, what, etc. we decided to question the Municipality directly. The response was quick and we found it very interesting and helpful. We have decided to share with our readers.

Question: I noticed on the Etter Rd there are streetlights on every fourth light pole and I noticed on the East Rd they are on every fourth pole from the Etter Rd to the railroad crossing. Do you know if they are planning on continuing the rest of the way in the East Rd? Thanks.

Response from MEH: The most recent streetlight work included the addition of approximately 40 lights. Funding for streetlights can be through area rate or leveraging gas tax.
There is currently no plan for additional lights, and there are no requests currently in the system. For additional lighting considerations there are 2 ways to get things reviewed:

1. Submission of a streetlight application form
2. Through a direct request from council. Typically an area councillor would work through scope and funding method with staff prior to making a motion

Additional information on streetlights can be found in our streetlight policy: