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ONCE YOU HAVE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW, PLEASE ARRANGE TO FOLLOW THIS NOTICE BY BRAD JOHNS TO SUPPORT THE CLOSING DOWN OF THIS QUARRY. As of this morning, Friday, October 6, the Department of the Environment has put a freeze to the environmental assessment application by Northumberland Capital, the owner of the quarry. The department will be sending inspectors from their Inspection, Compliance and Enforcement Division out to review what recently happened at the quarry and to see what other violations are occurring. These results, as well as the most recent blasting, will be considered in the Application when that process resumes. You can find information on this at

I strongly encourage residents who may have concerns with the most recent blasting, as well as those who are concerned with the application to increase the quarry size 10 times from what it currently is, to reach out directly to the department with their concerns at: AND/OR on the departments website at

Any and all concerns will be useful when the Minister makes his final decision on the Environmental Approval process.

Thanks again,

Brad Johns MLA for Sackville - Uniacke


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Great correspondence from a Mount Uniacke resident speaking out about the BLASTS from the Mount Uniacke Quarry - without forewarning to our residents (possibly without permission from the government). Our government representatives have been notified (by many, many residents of Mount Uniacke) of this "final" insult to the rules and regulations put in place to assist homeowners in our community. Not only were these blasts felt in Mount Uniacke in the immediate area of the quarry, but also heard / felt in East Uniacke and in Tantallon and parts of Upper Sackville.

Quote: "PUBLIC COMPLAINT!!! MEGA BLASTING from Northumberland Capital Corp Inc's (NCCI) Quarry. WHERE: off Uniacke Mines Road, Mount Uniacke WHEN: Wednesday, Oct. 4/23 @ between 3:15 and 3:43 pm (3 blasts over 30 mins)

To those leaders receiving this COMPLAINT, this is the same quarry awaiting Minister Halman's scheduled Oct. 18th decision for expansion of their industrial activity from its current 4ha to 40ha.(FORTY) that will be in operation for up to 50 years in this quiet community which is a mix of young families, empty nesters, retired folks and small businesses, and the home of the Uniacke Estate.

This 'HORRIFIC' event that took place yesterday gives the community and ALARMED residents a very good reason to be 'even more concerned NOW' than ever, over this proposed expansion. Many wonder if the proponent is giving the community and others nearby, a 'preview' of what's 'more' to come???

The photos we attach, taken by a community member living on Cockscomb Lake, 1.6kms from the quarry site, clearly leave no doubt in anyone's mind 'where' the blasting came from! The likes of which have NOT been visible to so many, in the eight years of blasting. Despite past blasts having been felt and other visible signs to 'some' property owners, like walls shaking, foundations/windows cracking, items falling off walls, etc. I also attach a screenshot of scientific data captured by Dalhousie to further support the comments and photos.

IT IS DISGUSTING TO THINK THIS TYPE OF ACTIVITY COULD BE 'EVEN REMOTELY' ACCEPTABLE BY OUR GOVERNMENT, to take place in the middle of a community of homes, lakes, schools, businesses, senior's residences, children's playgrounds, etc.

Surely, this is not what our Department of Environment has in mind when they speak of the 'quality' of the environment for ALL, in terms of the noise, dust, concussions, quakes, and the many other negative impacts put upon the people and their properties, here in Mount Uniacke, from industrial activities such as this. In already established communities, where they DON'T BELONG!!!

As the saying goes, "A picture paints a thousand words"! Well, these photos, taken over picturesque and tranquil Cockscomb Lake yesterday afternoon, where many retired folks (myself included) reside year-round, speak volumes!

We ASK our leaders, who make these decisions on where these industrial activities can set up shop, "Is this REALLY what you want to endorse for the environment here - for your citizens' rights?

By the way, my home is situated within those photos.

Respectfully, thank you for your time,