Issue: September 2021
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For anyone who may not be aware, the Amherst Volunteer Firefighters Association started a province wide 50/50 draw early in the summer. Any fire department within Nova Scotia that wanted to participate could sign up and when people purchased tickets, they could choose the fire department they wanted to support. Well, this little 50/50 draw started by one department with an initial pot of just over $11,000, has grown to include over 100 fire departments and the most recent pot at the time I write this article (Sept 22, 2020) was Draw #16 for over $173,000 with the winner taking home half! Uniacke joined the draw at week 8 and at the end of August our share of the proceeds was a hair over $3,000. Tickets can only be purchased online at this time using a major credit card or Visa debit. If you are interested in purchasing tickets

To support us, or any other fire department, please visit the following website:…………………………………...

The website I provided will automatically have Uniacke & District Vol. Fire Dept. selected. Tickets can be purchased each week until Thursday at 7:00pm with the draw happening between 7-9pm that same evening. The draw works like a typical 50/50 in that the winner takes home half of the pot. 15% of the remainder is used to cover the costs for running the draw and the remaining 35% of the pot goes to the fire departments. How much each department receives is based on the number of tickets purchased in their name. We can’t thank everyone enough for your support. Each week Uniacke Fire is consistently in the top 5 highest earning departments and it is all thanks to you.

Shawn Darby | Deputy Chief
Uniacke & District Volunteer Fire Department