Issue: September 2021
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Next deadline: September 24


With all the controversy over the "new" Smart Meters that have been installed, were being installed and will be installed in our community and throughout Nova Scotia, the Uniacke Newsletter thought it prudent to contact Nova Scotia Power Corporation to secure the "correct" information and to ensure that ALL residents have the proper contact information to speak to Nova Scotia Power and secure the "right" information.

"The survey you received was conducted by our third-party vendor, Narrative, on behalf of Nova Scotia Power to gather feedback from customers who recently had their electricity meter upgraded to a smart meter. This feedback is important to us and helps us understand areas in which we can improve as we continue rolling out smart meters throughout 2020 in advance of smart meter technology becoming available in early 2021.

We appreciate you sharing the survey with your readers but the survey is now closed. However, feedback can always be shared with us through

More information about smart meters can be found at our web site and there is also a quick video that explains what customers can expect during their meter upgrade. That can be found at

The smart meter upgrade will generate benefits for customers which includes providing access to daily information about energy consumption, which will help manage electricity costs. Smart meters will enable Nova Scotia Power to troubleshoot remotely, providing quicker response during an outage and they will allow us to connect or disconnect power without an onsite appointment."

Patti Lewis | Nova Scotia Power