Issue: February 2019
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Next deadline: February 28


Early in the fall of 2018 when a call was placed by the Uniacke Newsletter’s Editor regarding a wash-out on the East Uniacke Road, we were instructed to contact the Cape Breton dispatch centre. It definitely surprised us that we had to call “that far away” to secure a work order “for highway safety” in our community, but, to say the response time to have the repairs completed was WOW FAST! is putting it mildly. Call made in the morning and work completed in the afternoon of the same day!

The week of Jan 21, after the wind and rain storm, a wash-out “discussion” showed up on Facebook concerning Rockwell Drive at which time we shared the new contact info. The residents involved handled it very well and necessary repairs to the soft shoulder were carried out quickly. Some were surprised that the call had to be made to Cape Breton but it’s a sure thing that everyone involved in ensuring the repairs were completed can agree that it was fast!

We now feel it’s best to share the new contact info for DOT to all our readers and beyond.

There’s now a single point of contact when you need to get in touch with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. Any day, any time, 24/7. The Operation Contact Centre can be reached at 1-844-696-7737 or by email at