Issue: June 2021
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Next deadline: June 25


Volunteer Services is a community of approximately 7,000 caring, compassionate people who care deeply about health, healing and learning. Across the province, dedicated volunteers enrich the experiences of Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) patients, residents, clients and families in meaningful ways.

Your skills, interests and talents will be put to good use. If you are a people person, an opportunity to engage and interact with patients or the public may appeal to you. If you prefer the quiet environment working directly with staff, we have those opportunities too! Joining our volunteer team offers rewarding opportunities to make a significant difference and a positive impact within the NSHA community.

We have volunteer opportunities close to home at Cobequid Community Health Centre in Lower Sackville and Hants Community Hospital in Windsor.

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to our Volunteer Co-ordinators: Gordon Spurrell at Cobequid Centre 902-869-6544 or Tracy Burgess at Hants Hospital 902-792-2250. On-line volunteer application forms can be found at: 902-883-1608