Issue: April 2023
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Next deadline: April 21


In the winter-spring of 2022 a house on the Highway 1 in Mount Uniacke caught fire and burned to the ground. The couple who lived in the house did escape unharmed but their home was not so lucky. A very kind resident in our community did fundraising to secure the necessities for them while another resident offered his travel trailer to them so they had a place to live. At the present time the gentleman has fallen ill and is in a nursing home. His wife would love to return to Mount Uniacke but requires a temporary place to live and would dearly love to return to Mount Uniacke while she makes arrangements to hopefully re-build their home. If there is anyone within our area who can help either by renting space out to the woman so she can start to prepare for the task of rebuilding their home or perhaps knows of anyone who is preparing to rent a vacant house they would greatly appreciate it. Call Charlene at 902-369-2110. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.