Issue: December 2018
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First, I must start by saying thank you to all the Legion, Fire Hall, Cadets and other volunteers who put in great effort to organize our community Remembrance Day Service. I also want to thank the many community members who braved the cold with their children to participate in this important event. The efforts by all just go to show the great community we live in and call home. Plans are underway to conduct repairs on the cenotaph and grounds. Both Councillor Moussa and myself have reached out and let the team from the Fire Hall and Legion know that we will do what we can to support this important repair work.
I had the pleasure to attend, and participate in, the Wish Givers Auction, and by all assessment it was another great success and testament to the generosity of the residents of the Mount Uniacke area. Again, a huge well done must go out to the many volunteers who go above and beyond to make this a successful event, but the real success is how Wish Givers supports and enhances the lives of those in our community.
It was also great to attend the Bell Park meeting where interest was shown by many to get involved. This should help ensure the park stays in good standing for years to come and a thank you to the members from the founding committee for the over 16yrs of dedication they have put into this great attraction.
As the holidays approach and the winter weather starts to set in please be careful on the roads and never mix driving with alcohol or cannabis. Let’s all have a safe holiday season.
In closing I would like to wish all the best to you and yours over the holidays from my family and I.
Again thank you to the Uniacke Newsletter for the valuable service you provide for our great community.

Michael Perry, Councillor
District 8, Mount Uniacke