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Part 2


REGARDING THE CONDITION OF THE UNIACKE MINES ROAD: We built our home here on Cockscomb Lake Drive and moved here on a permanent basis November 2012. I travel to work 5 days a week out the Uniacke Mines Road. Understandably, as a gravel road, there would be concerns through the different seasons of the year, however, the road was in acceptable conditions and kept to a gravel road standard. Since the opening of the quarry in 2015 there has been a steady and unacceptable decline in the road conditions to almost impassable at various times of the year. Notably, the spring time being the worst and as trucks continue to travel over during the spring thaw, conditions deteriorated considerably. To my understanding, part of the agreement from the quarry owners was to provide gravel to help keep the road to a more satisfactory condition at times when it became in an unacceptable condition. This did happen on various occasions, however, not to the extend needed. Along with the issue of the seriousness of the potholes and ruts that became almost impassable, the dust created by the truck traffic leaves the residents on the Uniacke Mines Road with added concerns for their health and well-being.

As I leave for work fairly early most mornings I have, on many occasions prior to 7:00AM, met gravel trucks coming in or leaving with their load. There have been noted issues of speed in excess of acceptable limits, as well, by some of the trucks which creates a safety hazard to the residents for those who use this road for walking or biking.

REGARDING THE ISSUE OF DUST: With regards to the dust issue created by not only the trucks on the gravel road as they enter and exist Uniacke Mines Road, we have concerns in regards to potential health hazards due to silica dust as a result of Quarry production. We live at the closer end of Cockscomb Lake Drive to the quarry and as dust can travel by wind directions, this presents a health concern with an expansion of the quarry. As some of our residents now deal with respiratory concerns and choose to reside here for the serenity and quality of life this area has provided for them up to now, will they now have the ongoing worry of new potential issues?

REGARDING THE ISSUE OF SAFETY: With regards to safety, along with the concerns of the road condition on the Uniacke Mines Road that creates hazards in regard to the road becoming almost impassable at times. The concern for the residents on the road taht experience ongoing dust issues that creates a hazaard for their health. We have concerns in regards to potential future water quality issues for the lake. As Cockscomb Lake has been noted for its pristine quality we would like to keep it that way. Many other residents use the lake water as a water source for their homes. Recreational activities, that are important to a person's wellbeing - such as swimming and water sports - that if water quality were to become affected, even years from now, could be a major concern. As far as hazards of blasting from the site which can create issues with foundations and wells, although potentially hard to prove, it would be a result of quarry blasting. There exists the concern!

REGARDING THE ISSUE OF INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITIES OUTSIDE OF PERMITTED HOURS: Municipality of East Hants, By-Law # P-100, Community Standards By-Law, which states: 1. beginning at 7:00AM and ending at 9:30PM of the same day on weekdays or 2. beginning at 9:00AM and ending at 8:30PM of the same day on a weekend, Statutory Holiday or Remembrance Day.

I can say, that as a resident of the Uniacke Mines Road, where all of the Northumberland Quarry customer base and their own trucks must pass through to get to the quarry, that I have noted industrial activity outside of these permitted hours!

INSTANCES OF THESE OCCURRENCES ARE: I have not noted dates and times of particular incidents but as I travel the Uniacke Mines Road frequently in early morning, I have seen trucks entering and leaving prior to 7:00AM on many occasions. As well, on mornings we have heard production at the quarry prior to 7:00AM - as we can hear the equipment running and rock breaking as early at 6:30AM on many occasions. I will make note of these instances going forward.

REGARDING BLASTING: When the quarry first started up operation, I would always hear the warning sirens go off prior to and following a blast. Lately, I don't hear them anymore despite hearing and feeling a blast! If this expansion gets approved I'd like to see dates of balsting posted somewhere in the Community. I'm aware that NCCI must supply annual reports on blasting to NSE but it would be very helpful to area residents with properties closest to this operation if the Community could know this information. Re: for the protection of our foundations and well water supply - I'm aware these occurrences are on the property owner to prove - which is difficult to at best - but if it happens to multiple properties, in close proximity to each other, at roughly the same time, it would be more difficult for NCCI to bear no responsiiblity towards the occurrences IF these occurrences can be linked to a recent blast date. The area residents need to know htese dates though.

So, going forward, I'm asking NSE for the NCCI blast dates - should the expansion be approved - be posted somewhere in the community, monthly. The only appropriate means for this to be done is using the Community's monthly circulation of the Uniacke Newsletter. The Uniacke Newsletter has a new issue released to the public at the first of each new month.

Part 2

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