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Scope of Practice: The family practice LPN will offer standardized, patient-centered care to support patients in our family practice environment. Their role is complementary to family physician and other members of the multi-disciplinary health care team. The LPN will work to their full scope supporting the health and well-being of patients from a nursing care perspective. Specifically, the LPN focuses on health assessment and practical nursing supports for patients of all ages to improve health outcomes and access to primary care services.

QUALIFICATIONS: * Graduation from an accredited Licensed Practical Nursing Program

* Current active registration with the College of Licensed Practical Nurse of Nova Scotia (CLPNNS)

* Certification in relevant clinical skills (Cryotherapy, PAP smears) preferred.

* Valid work permit to work in Canada if applicable

* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

* Ability to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team environment

* Experience in a family practice or clinical setting is an asset

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: * Assessment and Screening

* Basic focused health assessments and documentation (forms)

* Prenatal screening

* STI screening & counselling

* Post-hospital discharge assessments

* Medication reconciliation

* Diabetic foot screening

* Interview and assessment of forms (AISH, Long term disability, Canada Pension, Short term disability) and initiate WCB assessment

* Mental Health Assessments: PHQ9, GAD7, MMSE and MOCA

CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT: * Provide patient-centered, evidence-based interventions and monitoring for chronic health conditions such as:

* Arthritis

* Asthma / COPD

* Cancer

* Chronic Pain

* Diabetes

* Heart Failure

* Hypertension / Dyslipidemia

* Obesity / Weight Management

* Osteoporosis

SKILLS-BASED INTERVENTIONS: *Basic healthy lifestyle education

* Basic wound care and application of wound dressings, splints, slings, tensors

* Ear syringing / flushing

* Medication administration (injections)

* Assisting with minor surgical procedures

* Immunization administration (B12, testosterone, flu / pneumonia, shingles, Hepatitis B)

* Cryotherapy (requires certification)

* PAP smears (requires certification)

* Other duties within the Canadian Nursing Association Competence for LPNs

ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: *Comprehensive health assessments and documentation

* Chronic disease and injury prevention

* healthy lifestyle coaching and education

* Case management

* Supporting physicians as a clinic resource

HOURS OF WORK: Monday - Thursday, 9am to 5pm (1-hour unpaid break)

RATE OF PAY: To be confirmed

LOCATION: Mount Uniacke Medical Centre, 653A #1 Highway, PO Box 53, Mount Uniacke, NS B0N 1Z0

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Send your CV and cover letter to: or drop it at the Medical Center.

INTERVIEW DATE: to be confirmed

START DATE: September 2024