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To the community of Mount Uniacke and any other drivers / readers who must use the Exit 3 ramp into and out of Mount Uniacke: There has been a lot of controversy over the proper use of the area between the STOP sign at Highway 1; traffic coming along Highway 1 towards Mount Uniacke; traffic approaching the “interchange” from the Mount Uniacke direction and the location of the two entrances/exits at the Irving. We were requested to re-post, and did oblige by re-posting onto our website, as well as onto our Facebook Page this past month and the community Facebook page for all readers to view and offer their suggestions and opinions.

Below is the updated article. Please note that we are NOT responsible for the comments from our readers. The purpose of this post is to encourage government departments to thoroughly review this area for changes in the name of SAFETY before anyone is seriously injured or killed. With our community growing as rapidly as it is, and with Halifax residential areas getting closer, the increase in traffic at this particular intersection is becoming a dangerous and confusing situation. Immediate attention MUST be paid to the speed limit in this area. Our local COP group, over the last couple of years, did do a project re: surveying STOP sign usage in our community and it was surprising to know that there are many, many drivers who do run the STOP signs throughout the community, however, the number of “STOP sign runners” at the STOP sign facing the Irving is atrocious! We also discovered that there are many drivers who are too courteous and when they are stopped at the STOP sign facing the Irving, they will sometimes wave the cars through that are coming out of the Irving to let them go first. While this is very nice of the STOP sign drivers, it is definitely a dangerous courtesy as it may be confusing to a lot of drivers who may expect that from everybody at the STOP sign, thus creating confusion as to who has the right-of-way.
We encourage our readers to send their comments into us via:

1. email
2. drop box at Eddy’s Variety in Mount Uniacke
3. Facebook connections either via Uniacke Newsletter or onto the Mount Uniacke
Community Facebook Page
We will arrange to discuss with, and send along, the information / suggestions received and hopefully have an amicable / safe and “happy” solution to this particular intersection.
NOTE: these are questions / suggestions only from our readers and in no way reflects the UNIACKE NEWSLETTER’S VOLUNTEERS’ OPINIONS OR SUGGESTIONS

We have been asked by one of our readers to re-print an article that was in a previous edition of the Uniacke Newsletter pertaining to the "intersection" of subject area in the community of Mount Uniacke. It's for safety reasons and to dissolve any confusion over who has the right-of-way and to hopefully reduce confusion and future mishaps. At least twice a year this particular "intersection" shows up on Facebook for discussion or there is an accident or upset drivers over who has the right-of-way and what the proper procedures are that should be followed to ensure everyone's safety.
Excerpts from that article, plus new "suggestions", are below:
It's a simple 3-way solution: #1 - through traffic in ANY direction on the Highway 1 has ALL the right-of-way. #2 - traffic at the STOP sign, once it's safe to enter the Highway 1 in ANY direction - ie no Hwy 1 traffic turning left towards Hwy 101, turning right towards Hwy 101 or going directly into the Irving from either direction, has the 2nd right-of-way. #3 - at all costs and no matter how long the traffic has to sit in either one of the exits / entrances to the Irving and no matter in which direction they wish to go - this traffic MUST wait until both sequences 1 & 2 above are completed and non-existent.
Residents are requesting something be done about traffic into and out of the Irving near Exit 3 Mount Uniacke. Yes, it's a busy intersection and as traffic increases regularly, it will come as a bigger concern if ALL drivers do not abide by the "rules of the road". Both exits / entrances at the Irving are to be considered "driveways" which means ANY vehicle using these accesses MUST wait for all traffic in all directions to clear in order to access Highway #1 in either direction or to cross directly onto the ramp to the 101.
A STOP sign needs NO explanation, but it's amazing how many people just do not stop at the STOP sign facing the Irving! The Mount Uniacke COP group did a survey of STOP signs in our community a couple of times, including the "Irving / Hwy #1 / STOP sign" and it's amazing how many people did not stop at the STOP sign and how many others were courteous and waved people through who were waiting to come out of the Irving and how many more people who were turning into the Irving allowed cars the "right of way" to exit the Irving! It's great to see how courteous some of our residents are, but it is causing confusion and could possibly lead to accidents.

- A STOP sign needs no explanation as to the responsibility of ALL drivers. You MUST come to a full and complete STOP - no matter what........
- If you are driving along Highway #1 towards the STOP sign from either direction, or are intending to go on the ramp to enter Hwy 101 (use signal light indicating your intentions), or are intending to enter the Irving (either entrance as your signal light is indicating)
you have 100% "right-of-way". Yes, you even have the right-of-way over the cars at the STOP sign.
- Next in line comes the vehicle at the STOP sign. As long as there is NO danger from vehicles coming from either direction on Hwy #1, you have the complete right-of-way to do what your vehicle's signal is indicating - either turning left onto Hwy #1 or right onto Hwy #1 or (with no signal operating) going straight through into the Irving.
- If you are coming OUT of the Irving, you are the LAST car in the "right-of-way" ruling. You must wait for the traffic moving along Hwy 1 AND at the STOP sign to complete their moves before you can safely exit the Irving Lot in the direction your signal light is indicating. If signal light is not flashing, you are determined to be going straight across to the ramp and onto Hwy 101. Doesn't matter which exit you are using, you must wait for all other traffic to be out of harm's way, including your own, before you can move.
Remember, the Irving accesses are to be treated as driveways, NOT part of the road, therefore the two Irving exits are NOT part of an intersection. While it's nice to know that there are courteous drivers allowing vehicles to exit the Irving lot, it does create confusion and is dangerous.

SUGGESTIONS offered to help with this intersection? Send them into the Uniacke Newsletter and we will ensure that these "suggestions" are handed over to Mount Uniacke C.O.P. for furtherance to Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure and Renewal as well as to the RCMP on how to make this area of Highway 1 safer for everyone involved.
Some safety suggestions / notes that have already been sent in are:
**make the Irving "driveways" as one IN (the entrance opposite the STOP sign) and one OUT (the other access directly across from the "merge" lane from direction of Mount Uniacke. The pavement will have to be extended at the ramp access (as it's now mud and grass) and a Yield sign put in re: traffic from the direction of Mount Uniacke would have right-of-way status.
**red flashing lights on the STOP sign facing the Irving so "new" people to the community cannot miss it.
**perhaps a round-about to make that particular intersection safer and more efficient ie: traffic flow.
**someone pulled out of Irving last week, coming straight, as I was turning left to go onto Hwy 1 and they almost hit me. People assume it’s one-for-one and it’s not.
**Thank you for this! This is one of my biggest pet peeves about my drive home! The amount of people that come out of that Irving Station thinking they have the right-of-way as I am turning left onto the #1. My other pet peeve is those drivers who sit in the passing lane as though they own it and refuse to pass vehicles or refuse to pull back into the righthand lane.
**Traffic light needs to be erected there. It’s dangerous. Same thing happened to me. Over 10k worth of damage to my vehicle and over 3 weeks with a rental car.
**I always reduce my speed going through this area and Eddy’s, that way I have better reaction time for others who are not paying attention.
**Those drivers coming out of Irving aren’t coming from an intersection or even a 2 or 3 way stop. They are coming from private property. The same as someone ripping out of their own driveway.
**It’s a tough call when you know the rules of the road but not sure the other guy on the other side knows them. My driving instructor years ago said, “drive as if everyone else on the road is an idiot and you will learn how to drive defensively”.
**I believe if they would make the exit from the Irving right across from the STOP sign an enter only and the other one an enter / exit, all the confusion for people would be solved. They could do that by simply closing up that entrance so that it’s a smaller opening for IN only. No need for lights or round-abouts.
**Good suggestion. That way the access to the pumps would all be from one direction making it easier rather than have cars “nose-on to each other” at the pumps which creates problems. There is a space behind the store that could be made one way going in the same direction as the “pump arrows” so that ALL traffic can continue in the same direction whether they are parked to go into the store or at the pumps.
**The first step would be to ask TIR for a 5-year collision history for this intersection

The basic intention of posting this notice on our web site and into our hard copy of the Uniacke Newsletter was to see how the community would react. It is the intention of the Uniacke Newsletter to send a message to DOT as well as connect them to this Facebook Page to ensure that they read it and KNOW that this is a major concern to residents of our community as well as many visitors to our community THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE YEAR. Connection will be made with DOT to ensure that this is taken seriously and to hopefully spearhead the changes required to ensure, or cut down drastically, on the hits, the near misses, understanding and using this area in the proper way. The Uniacke Newsletter and the Mount Uniacke COP Members wanted to ensure we were on the “right track” and that the concerns were valid and the community supports our goal. We will keep the community updated re: TIR’s 5-year collision history report for this intersection as well as their response to our request as a community.