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Dangerous or Safe Locations? Move or not move? Leave it in its present location and build a "new" one to be placed in a safer location?

Some of the comments and thoughts were very realistic and definitely brought to mind the safety factors that need to be included / updated for everyone's safety as the traffic on Highway 1 has increased incredibly over the last 46+ years and people are concerned that it may become too dangerous to have the Annual Remembrance Day Ceremony held in such close proximity to the Highway 1. It was suggested that if the traffic could be held immobile during the ceremony for approximately 10-20 minutes it may work for everyone, however, we all have to remember that not everyone has the time to stop and sit in their cars if they are enroute to a meeting or a doctor's visit.

People are justifiably concerned with the increase in traffic along Highway 1 and the increase in the number of people who go to the cenotaph to pay their respects on Remembrance Day.

Below are some comments from a concerned resident due to the safety features that are being reduced due to the increasing number of participants in the on-site Remembrance Day Services and the increased number of vehicles which are driving along Highway 1 and passing the cenotaph location in large numbers.

Comments / Concerns / Letter to the Editor: "Not sure if this is appropriate for the Newsletter, but I needed to say it. I understand if you feel it is not a good fit." "A beautiful ceremony as always, but once again disappointing. Each year I hope that the road will be closed - at the very least for the two minutes of silence at 11am. Each year I am disappointed that traffic is allowed to continue to pass by. I understand that this is the only route through the community and life does need to go on, however, we are there to honour those for whom life no longer goes on. The least we can do is take two minutes to come to a stop to reflect and remember. After all, if not for them - life as we know it would not exist. And it is not like it would be a surprise for traffic to stop - 11am on November 11th happens at the same time every year. I am not sure if this letter will help or if a visit to a council meeting would do any good either but I sit here crying as I write this - both out of anger and sadness. I had three great uncles who served in WWII with the Cape Breton Highlanders, as well as other veterans in my family and every year I am saddened that they, along with so many others, are not given the small measure of respect of a closed road for two minutes. Thank you for reading this. Respectfully: Michelle Green

CENOTAPH UPDATE: To the community of Mount Uniacke and surrounding areas. We had our town hall meeting on November 16, 2022 and the decision was made to leave the currrent cenotaph where it is. The Legion will still be moving ahead with the design of a new cenotaph and park for the community. We would like to form a small committee to begin planning. If you are interested in being part of the committee, please send your info and a little about yourself to the email address below. We would like to have the first meeting in mid-January.

NOTE: the hard copy of the Uniacke Newsletter has an insert showing the lay-out of the proposed "new" cenotaph. In the discussion carried on at the meeting at the Legion it was suggested that the existing cenotaph could possibly remain as is /where is as a true REMEMBRANCE to our fallen community members while at the same time erecting a new cenotaph in a much safer location. The proposed suggested location is at the back of the Uniacke Legion. Through the Provincial and Federal Governments a request for new plaques will be sent to the Government Departments involved so the names of the fallen members of our community that adorn the existing cenotaph can possibly remain where they are as the new plaques can be placed on the proposed cenotaph behind the Legion. As you can see in the proposed lay-out (set as an insert into the current Newsletter hard copy at the end of November) the proposed cenotaph will be behind and in full view from the Legion. Seniors and people with mobility issues can view the service by standing or sitting outside by the cenotaph OR stand/sit on the balcony at the back of the Legion which will afford a complete view of the cenotaph and still participate in the dedications. It will also afford shelter from the elements if it should rain. There is the intention of having flower gardens on both sides of the proposed cenotaph with grass and benches available to people who cannot stand for long lengths of time. As well, the cenotaph will be away from the cars on Highway 1 which has become next to being totally dangerous in the present location of the cenotaph. There have been many, many cenotaphs across Canada moved to a safer and more convenient location as our population continues to grow to show true honour to our deceased heroes. Rosanne Bland, Volunteer Editor

PS: NOTE: the Newsletter scanner is out of order. We will insert the drawing of the proposed "new cenotaph" and "location" as soon as we get the scanner repaired. In the meantime, there is a copy / insert in the hard copy of this Newsletter in many locations in Mount Uniacke and in Windsor. We apologize for the inconvenience. As soon as the computer/scanner is repaired we will put a notice up. Thanks for your patience / understanding. Uniacke Newsletter