Issue: October 2021
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Next deadline: October 22


There is definitely an increase in the amount of garbage being tossed out of car windows or carelessly dropped by people hiking along our roadsides or in our parks and walking trails and in the parking lot located at Exit 3 Mount Uniacke. Our community is beginning to look like a waste disposal site and it is definitely NOT acceptable. Mount Uniackers are proud of this community and we would like to remain being proud of our community! The roadways throughout the community are receiving waste carelessly and it is definitely NOT ACCEPTABLE. Illegal dumping may be an issue across Nova Scotia but there is NO REASON for OUR community to be mistreated!!! The Solid Waste Division has a Waste Compliance Officer who is responsible for investigating and coordinating the clean-ups of these sites. If you have info to share of an illegal dump site or if you see someone carelessly tossing garbage our of their vehicle windows call: 1-888-873-3332 to report it. Make sure you get the license plate number, make and model of the car. If it's someone who is NOT in a vehicle, write their physical description down and send it in. If you know who the person / people are - make note of who, what, where and when and send the information in anonymously. There's NO REASON why, if you have something to throw away, it cannot be put into your pocket until you get home and can be placed into a proper waste receptacle. Be proud of our roadways and our community and be proud of who you are and STOP LITTERING! Everyone can do their bit to help keep our local environment cleaner.