Issue: October 2018
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I-Valley Update

To be sure you are aware of this, the CRTC has finally come out with its announcement that the promised $750-million in funding for rural internet is now available.

It targets areas with little or no current service. According to i-Valley's Internet Performance Test, this takes in most of Nova Scotia.

The bad news is that they have lowered their service delivery criteria to 25 Mbps -- but i--Valley's network plans had already assumed that they would, and have been planned accordingly.

CRTC reveals criteria for $750M broadband fund for rural ...

Will cut speed targets by 50% for first funding round, to spread ability to get fastest speeds to hardest-to-serve areas


Barry Gander, Co-Founder, i-Valley

VP, i-Canada; EVP, Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance

Recipient, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal