Issue: December 2018
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Next deadline: December 14


Suspect suspicious activity? Report it as soon as discovered to the RCMP, to your bank, etc.

Checklist: protect your security:

Think you're pretty up to date on your security practices? Let's see for sure with our handy checklist.

1. Install current anti-virus software, like McAfee AntiVirus. 2. Download additional security software such as Rapport. 3. Make sure you have the latest supported web browser. 4. check your credit report once a year. 5. Set up a passcode to unlock your mobile phone screen. 6. Keep your PIN numbers and passwords to yourself. 7. Ignore unsolicited emails that ask for your personal info. 8. Change your default wireless router password. 9. Look for lock icon in the Address Bar before entering personal info into a website. 10.Limit the amount of personal info you share on social networking sites.