Issue: April 2023
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HISTORY - Community Links was established in 1992 as a community development project called "Challenge in Participation with Rural Communities" to meet the needs of seniors.

We educate, connect, enforce collaboration / information exchange and advocate for age-friendly communities in Nova Scotia.

We continue to use a community development model and currently support the work of 10 Aging Well Together Coalitions across Nova Scotia.


Coalition members include agencies and individuals who are interested in making communities more age-friendly and in promoting healthy aging, with an emphasis on physical activity and other factors that help prevent falls.

Coalition members include senior safety programs, VON, community physiotherapists and occupational therapists, Municipal Recreation, Red Cross public libraries and individual volunteers.

2019 - 2024 Strategic Plan - VISION - All Nova Scotians can age well in their communities.

MISSION - Community Links is a province wide organization that promotes and supports age friendly communities by connecting individuals and organizations.

VALUES - Collaboration, inclusion, respect, equity, compassion, transparency, accountability and engagement.

STRATEGIC GOALS AND OBJECTIVES - *knowledge exchange *capacity building *advocacy

GET INVOLVED Ph: 902-422-0914 *Toll Free 1-855-253-9355) 201 - 1531 Grafton St., Halifax, NS B3J 2B9

MEMBERSHIP - Our membership is FREE. Membership in Community Links is open to seniors' groups and senior-serving organizations as well as community members.