Issue: June 2021
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Next deadline: June 25


The continuing issue of garbage - both bags and loose dog poop - being left at Bell Park is AGAIN being discussed on social media. This park is managed and maintained by a small group of unpaid volunteers. If garbage or dog poop is left in the parking lot or on the trails of Bell Park, a volunteer or considerate park user must pick up YOUR waste and take it to THEIR home to put in THEIR garbage. This is NOT fair to the people who maintain this park in their free time.

The park is not managed or maintained by the government and does not have a garbage service. A commercial garbage pick-up service is NOT cheap and can lead to other problems as people would then dump waste that cannot be left with their personal garbage for municipal pick up.

So please, when you use Bell Park DO NOT leave any garbage or dog poop on the trails or in the parking lot. Not only is it can eyesore, but it is also inconsiderage to other park users and it places an unnecessary burden on the volunteers maintaining the park.

Please take your waste home with you and dispose of it with your personal garbage.

Thank you.

Caroline Smith, East Uniacke