Issue: September 2018
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Next deadline: September 21


The community household hazardous waste and paper shred event for Mount Uniacke - sponsored by Municipality of East Hants Solid Waste Management - will be Saturday, September 29th (Uniacke Fire Hall, 654 Highway #1, Mount Uniacke) from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

DETAILS: Residential Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off.

1. to improve traffic flow at our event, we are asking residents to please complete the pre-registration form available from the municipality.

2. the following outlines how to bring your materials to us: ** ensure all containers are sealed securely ** transport materials in the trunk of your car or back of your truck ** bring materials in open-topped boxes (e can return these to you). ** please make sure all propane tanks have the valves closed and that there is plenty of ventilation in your vehicle ** we recommend you wear gloves when handling products ** follow traffic signs and instructions at the mobile event to ensure the safety of everyone

3. the following will NOT be accepted at the events: ** explosives, fireworks and ammunition ** medical waste ** PCB containing products and radioactive waste ** commercial waste or any unknown waste (anything without a label).


With the consumer fraud and identity theft on the rise, East Hants wants to provide an opportunity for residents to have their confidential documents destroyed.

LIMITS: 10 filing boxes or 5 recycling bags of paper

NOTES: Please note we cannot accept: hardcover books; x-rays; photographs; wet or moist paper; electronic media (like cds).