Issue: April 2023
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Next deadline: April 21


This Newsletter has a little bit of everything -Volunteer award nominations, a survey to help shape our continued support of community groups, and upcoming grant opportunities and deadlines (some are coming quickly).

Have questions? Please reach out with questions or to discuss upcoming programs, projects or ways we can help.

East Hants Community Development <>


We are looking for volunteers across East Hants to provide feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to support you and the community organizations you serve. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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The Community Services Recovery Fund is a one-time investment of $400 million that will help charities, non-profits and Indigenous Governing Bodies acquire the tools needed to adapt and modernize their services to better support pandemic recovery in communities across Canada. This is funded by the Federal Government.

Since the early phases of the pandemic, charities, non-profits and Indigenous Governing Bodies have struggled with increased demand for their services, reduced revenues, declines in charitable giving due to the rising cost of living, and a greater need to make use of digital tools as part of adapting and modernizing their operations.

Funding from the Community Services Recovery Fund will enable capacity to:

Adapt service delivery to support the needs of their staff and volunteers

Buy equipment such as computers and software

Create new ways of working, such as developing new fundraising approaches

Provide support for staff and volunteers, such as staff training, supports for mental health and wellbeing; and develop plans to receive funding from diverse sources.

As a result of the investments provided by the Community Services Recovery Fund, charities, non-profits and Indigenous Governing Bodies will be better equipped to improve the efficacy, accessibility, and sustainability of the community services that they provide.

For more information and to apply please visit

Our mailing address is:

Municipality of East HantsBox 230, Suite 170

Elmsdale, Nova Scotia B2S 3K5Canada