Issue: April 2023
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The Legion Branch 165 Music Jam is back!

Starts again on Wednesday April 12, 2023 from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm in the Memorabilia Room. After that, the Jam will run once per month on the 2nd Wednesday (May 10, June 14, etc.).

The format of the evening's activities will be one very familiar to those who attended in the past. That is, a host oversees the activities and we take turns going around the circle, so everyone has a chance to lead a song or two. Beginners are welcome and encouraged. It's a good learning ground. Of course, experienced musicians should come too. The idea of a Jam is that everyone gets a chance to participate and perform at the level they feel comfortable playing and/or singing.

A sound system is in place for everyone to use. Bring your favourite instrument. Some people like to bring their own sound gear (mics, small amplifiers). That's okay too.

At the first session we'll try out some things 'informally', see how it goes, and then make refinements based on your feedback. Gary Griffin will be your first host on Wednesday, April 12. Other hosts are standing by for future sessions as well, so there will be continuity if someone can't make it.

See you there. One more thing - the host isn't a very good singer, and you don't have to be either. It's 'the Jam', not 'the Junos'. Mark your calendars!

Gary Griffin