Issue: July 2018
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Next deadline: August 24


I am very happy to report the community of Mount Uniacke has responded quickly and very generously to our request for support. Bell Park Development Association now has sufficient funds to pay Nova Scotia Trails Federation membership dues and trail insurance for the next year. Thank you Mt. Uniacke! This will allow us time to re-organize the group and initiate a membership drive. At present we are down to three active members and cannot even hold a recognized meeting since we would not have a quorum.

From the donations recently received, and speaking with many of you, it is clear there is widespread support in the community for keeping the Bell Park and Bell Park Development Association “alive”. With that in mind I intend to hold a public meeting in September (after the vacation season) to recruit members, discuss fundraising ideas and discuss maintenance requirements. Community involvement is the key to preserving this beautiful resource for residents of Mount Uniacke into the future.

Information about the public meeting / membership drive will be in a later edition of this Newsletter and on the Uniacke Facebook page.

Finally I want to thank all volunteers who have worked to make Bell Park the “jewel” it is today!

Jim Foster, Chairperson
Bell Park Development Association