Issue: June 2022
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Back to School

Our classes are there for everyone at any skill level. We can help you:

- overcome a fear of math

- improve your reading

- get comfortable with a computer or smart phone

We also offer workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics. We're always looking for new class ideas, so reach out if there's something we can help you with.

Send us an e-mail or give us a call. It's never to late too learn a new skill or improve your abilities!


phone: 902-883-1608

To book a ride with the Community Rider:


phone: 902-883-4716

EHFRC School Supplies Drive

Thank you to our community for generously donating school supplies this year. The East Hants Family Resource Centre has helped over 70 families obtain some or all of their supplies.

There are still families looking for supplies and donations are still being accepted. If you have any extras, please drop them off in the tote in front of the office (214 Highway 224, the old Elmsdale Elementary School). You can also call ahead to check what items are needed most.

E-transfers are also welcome and donations over $10 are eligible for a tax receipt.

For more information about EHFRC's programs and services:



phone: 902-883-4349

Fare Assistance Program

Do you know someone that struggles to afford the cost of transportation? The Fare Assistance Program is open to anyone who is low income or faces financial barriers to access transportation.

Rates for this program are between $5 and $10, depending on your region. For a complete regional breakdown, please visit our website:

Please spread the word about this program. We want everyone that struggles financially in our area to be able to access transportation.

For more information or to book a ride:


phone: 902-883-4716

Phil Laven

Communications Manager

East Hants & Area Community Rider

(902) 883-1608