Issue: July 2018
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NOTE: This post request was received from residents who live past / around Lakefield Drive, East Uniacke. We posted it as requested to bring awareness to both sides of the wild life safety scenario. It is NOT meant to demean any animal or pet owner but just a simple request to keep it safe and fair for ALL animals and their owners.

"Would the cat owners in the vicinity of Lakefield Drive, East Uniacke Road, kindly keep their pets at home. Many of us in this area are nature lovers and encourage birds and small animals to visit our backyard feeders. It is very discouraging to see one of those furry predators waiting to pounce on these helpless creatures. One cannot blame the cats which are only following their natural instinct, but irresponsible pet owners are a nuisance to any area.

Thank you in advance for your consideration."

A concerned citizen.