Issue: December 2021
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Next deadline: December 17


Did you know that the Legion has a number of medical equipment items that can be borrowed by members of the community? All you need to do is call the Branch. If we have it available, you may borrow it. There is no charge.

The following is a list of what we have. Not all items may be available as they may have already been loaned out. All we ask is that you leave your name and phone number when the item is borrowed.

LIST OF MEDICAL EQUIPMENT ITEMS can be borrowed by contacting the Legion Phone #: 902-866-4022

CRUTCHES: 2 adult sizes (1 pair in aluminum and 1 wooden pair / 1 child size in wood

WALKERS: 2 walkers with 4 wheels / 1 walker with 4 wheels (suitable for a tall person) / 2 folding walkers with 2 wheels

WHEELCHAIRS: 1 regular (also has a leg rest if required) / 1 transporter

CANES: 1 regular / 1 with four feet

BATHTUB SEATS: 1 small / 1 bench