Issue: July 2024
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February 2024 Update

Now, up to 20 wind turbines would be placed on private land, just south of Highway 101 and west of Pockwock Lake, in East Hants and Halifax Regional Municipality, where we have permission of the landowner. This renewable energy project would produce an estimated 115.5 megawatts of green power - enough to power more than 25,000 homes annually! The Green Choice program has a new requirement to build on private land only, so we are no longer utilizing Crown lands. With new private land leases in the area, we have been able to add several additional turbines to produce more clean renewable energy for our province. We are hopeful this new layout is accepted positively by the community, and we look forward to heating your feedback as we prepare to submit our Project into this procurement round in June 2024.

Additional environmental studies are ongoing to help inform ABO Wind's Environmental Assessment Registration, a required component to proceed with Project construction.

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