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Around 1948 there was a fire in the house that was located where the skateboard park is now and the fire had to be fought with buckets, so the local horsemen decided it was time to make some changes and the Uniacke & District Fire Dept. was formed.

My Grandfather, Jim Moore was one of the founders in 1948.

My Grandfather, Eustace Benedict, joined in 1950 and was Chief in 1955.

My Dad, Allen Benedict, joined in 1950 and was Deputy Chief in 1964 and Chief in 1967.

I joined in 1976.

My brother, Tony, joined in 1982 and held positions as Caption and Lieutenant.

My Brother, Randy, joined in 1982 and held the position of Lieutenant.

My son, Justin, joined in 2008 and held the position of Lieutenant.

Cheers Jim Benedict

Jim Benedict

NOTE: please check out our web site to view
original minutes of “the beginning of our Great Fire Dept” re: meetings held by a group of residents who became the first Uniacke District Fire Dept Volunteers. Very interesting list of people who paid dues in 1948 and created the pride we call Uniacke & District Volunteer Fire Department. (due to be uploaded by end of December)