Issue: April 2023
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Michael Allison, N.S.L.S.

Allison Land Surveys has been surveying in the Mount Uniacke area as well as HRM, Colchester and the rest of East Hants for the past 30+ years. We have great experience in most types of land surveys as well as preparing proposals for clients as required for municipal purposes, financing and land development projects. We bring expertise, passion and energy to all our projects and go above and beyond to create a cohesive working relationship with our clients. We will work very closely with the client and will provide updates so that the client will be able to monitor the progress and direction we are taking.

205 Hwy 214
Elmsdale, Nova Scotia B2S 1J1

Phone: 902-883-7541
Fax: 902-883-1237
Cell: 902-476-3805