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Mount Uniacke is a bustling community. Check out this album to see people in and around our community having fun.

Ronald Mizon

All the photos sent by Ronald Mizon to accompany the 66 stories set up under Ronald Mizon in our "stories" section.

Stories from the Barn Photos

The Animals - lessons well learned. To all the children at the IWK - we hope you continue to enjoy our stories and we hope we can continue to bring a smile to all your faces for a long time.

2017 Uniacke Firefighters' Fair

Friday, June 23 to Saturday, June 24, 2017


Nov 1, 2013: "Just read the Remembrance Day piece on the cover of the Newsletter with regards to George Price. Before April of this year we had never heard of George Price. We had an opportunity to visit Europe in April and the first war memorial that we visited was that of George Price in Mons, Belgium. The memorial is on, or very near, the site where Pte. Price was killed. From now on Pte. Price will be in the forefront of our remembrances at future Remembrance Day services. We also did a Flanders Battle Field tour which included “The Brooding Soldier” at Vancouver Corner; Tyne Cot Cemetery; The Menin Gate; Essex Farm and the dressing station where John McCrae wrote “In Flanders Fields”; Vimy Ridge and Beaumont Hamel and numerous other sites. It truly makes one appreciate what we have today and what these men had gone through; to walk in the tunnels and trenches at Vimy Ridge and Ypres or to stand in a cement dressing station at Essex Farm; to be standing in a field looking at a picture taken during WW1 and compare that scene to today. This was truly an emotional few days for us and gives Remembrance Day a whole new meaning. The next time we hear “In Flanders Fields” it will bring the Essex Farm dressing station to mind. I know that from now on, every Remembrance Day will bring the images of The Flanders Battle Fields memorials back with emotional clarity. We have lots of pictures and when we look at them, we can still feel the emotions we felt at the time." Bruce and June Steadman


Following are photos taken in and around Mount Uniacke during the "snow world" of 2015. Thanks to all residents who sent in their photos and who posted onto Facebook where we got some of the photos.


Citizenship, volunteerism, and random acts of kindness are deeds completed every day by selfless people around the world. In many regions, volunteers are the life blood of any community. They do these tasks with a smile and the comfort of knowing they are contributing to the greater good. The Grade 9 students of Uniacke District School recently embarked on a journey to further develop their understanding of the word citizenship. Each of the two classes developed their own citizenship projects designed to give back to the community of Mt. Uniacke. The projects were designed with guidance from the teaching staff but facilitated entirely by the youth. Ms. McAvoy’s homeroom class agreed to volunteer their services to the staff of Uniacke Estates Museum on June 8th. The students and chaperones spent the morning sprucing up the parts of Mt. Uniacke’s most famous land mark. The classmates raked and removed branches from the lawn, walked the trails and collected litter, and enjoyed a beautiful day on the grounds. The event was highlighted by having most of the class landscape the large flowerbed in front of the house. It was a very gratifying task for many of the grade 9 students. As this was happening, another group of students from an outlying school were visiting Uniacke Estates. This was part of a class field trip. One of their chaperones asked why the UDS students were cleaning the area around the house. After hearing the reason, she remarked, “It is so nice to see people taking such pride in their own community.” Many thanks to Jean Rendell and Lenas Bennett for chaperoning and organizing the event. The other Grade 9 students chose to thank the people of Mt. Uniacke who do so much for the community already. Mr. McDaniel’s homeroom class wanted to honour the Mount Uniacke Seniors Club for all they do. For years the group has offered their own time to make the town a better place. From planting flowers for people in the area to helping at community events to visiting the sick and elderly, they do more behind the scenes than most realize. The class made a soup and sandwich lunch for the seniors as part of their June monthly meeting. All the food was donated and prepared by the students. The meal was served at the local fire hall at the noon meeting. The event culminated with their weekly card games. Kudos to Jean Rendell, Donald Hartland and Sandy Beamish for assisting with the project.

Morris Williams - 60 years a Firefighter

Morris Williams - 60 years a firefighter for Uniacke and District Volunteer Firefighter - retires December 31, 2015. THANK YOU Morris for your dedication to Mount Uniacke, your family, your friends, your community and to the Firefighting Service. On Saturday, January 16, firefighters and special guests braved a mighty snowstorm to pay tribute to one of our own. Morris Wiliams joined the fire department when he was 17 years old and was actively involved in the fire department for 60 years. Let that sink in for a minute folks.....60 years of dedicated, active service to his fire department and community! This is an amazing achievement and Morris deserves the well-earned recognition he received at his banquet and open house the following day. Among the guest speakers, Morris was also presented with accolades and certificates from the Province of N.S. and the Municipality of East Hants, to name a few. As most firefighters grow older, many of them choose to take less active roles in the department. Morris chose not to do that and answered the call for help at all hours of the day and night. Morris had a knack for looking as fresh as a daisy on every call, especially the ones in the middle of the night. On his final day with the department on December 31, 2015, Morris still responded to three calls that day! Morris, everyone in the fire department wishes you well in your retirement. Thank you for being a mentor to many firefighters over the years and for helping to shape and build the fire department into what it has become today.


While looking through some of mom's old papers I came across the attached story. I remembered that we found the original papers in a trunk in the attic of the old abandoned Dimock residence in the Old Mine Road. Mom copied the story to this paper in the late forties. The original is long gone, but this was copied word for word from the original which was in very poor condition. I do not know how factual this data is, but I found it interesting. Use the info as you see fit. Don Cunningham

Mount Uniacke Skateboard Park 2016

Opening Day photos of the new skateboard park in Mount Uniacke.

Eddy Chater October 11, 1966 to January 22, 2017

It is with sad hearts that we must acknowledge the passing of Eddy Chater (Eddy’s Variety) of Mount Uniacke. Eddy was liked / loved by everyone who met him and who had the opportunity to know him. Always smiling, forever helpful, enchantingly friendly. Eddy passed away at 3am Nova Scotia time, in Lebanon, where he went in late 2015 for treatment for cancer. The Chater family wishes to thank the community for ongoing support and best thoughts throughout Eddy’s brave fight.

Mount Uniacke Archives

Photos of historic people and places in the Mount Uniacke area.


This Nova Scotia historic landmark was constructed in 1845 as a place of worship for the Uniacke family, their neighbours and friends. The corner stone laying service was conducted by The Rev. R. Fitzgerald Uniacke, rector of Newport. The stone was laid by Mrs. Martha Maria Jeffery, daughter of the late Attorney General, Richard John Uniacke. During the first years of its existence, the church seems to have been served by clergy associated with the Uniacke family. During the 1850’s, the church was served by the rector of Rawdon and in the 1860’s became a separate mission. Later in that century, it reverted to being a part of Rawdon Parish. This little church had a rather private character until 1857, when the building and approximately seventeen acres of land were deeded by Martha Jeffery to the Colonial Church and School Society and its successors for the sum of five shillings. Shortly thereafter, the church was consecrated as “Holy Trinity”. After the turn of the century, around 1914, the church came under the direction of various students of King’s College, located in Windsor. Services were held from May or June through September or October. Holy Communion was celebrated at this time by clergy from Windsor or by the rector at Newport. This arrangement continued until 1931, when the Lakelands Mission was formally incorporated into the Parish of Newport/Walton. It is not known when the name “Holy Trinity” was changed to “Holy Spirit”. For many years the church was closed during the winter months, but since the installation of a central heating system in 1966, donated by Geraldine Mitchell, daughter of the Rev. James Boyle and Mary Alma Uniacke, services have been held throughout the year. The original cedar shingles on the east end of the church withstood the vigorous elements for 152 years before their replacement in 1997. The design of this historic church is unique to the early nineteenth century church construction era. Architect Charles Thompson combined the typical Nova Scotia timber frame construction with British classical architecture, incorporating elegant Gothic designs externally and internally, to provide a stately, but conservative and appealing, country church. The eyebrow mouldings over the windows, the Gothic windows and furnishings, including the stained-glass window over the altar depicting the baptism of Jesus Christ, transcend the invaluable heritage of Mount Uniacke and the Province of Nova Scotia. Plans are already underway to celebrate the 170th anniversary of the beautiful Church of the Holy Spirit, and considerable work has been, and continues to be done to upgrade both the church and parish hall both for present worship and other activities in preparation for the very special celebration in 2015. For those who are around in 2045, the 200th anniversary celebration promises to be a most wonderful event indeed. May God continue to bless the church and parish as He has throughout its many years of serving him in this place.


The pride of Mount Uniacke is on display.


Buildings from in and around Mount Uniacke