On Nov. 29 an enthusiastic group turned out to take part in the formation of the Uniacke Trails Association. About 30 people met at St. Paul’s United Church on Etter Rd. Many great ideas were shared as everyone offered their thoughts on how the association would be formed.

At the meeting directors were appointed from the members present and from these directors an executive was elected. The newly-elected executive of Uniacke Trails Association is:
President – Paul Smith
Vice President – Jonathan Calnen
Treasurer – Lee Young
Secretary – Douglas Smith

The meeting began with an overview of the progress made since the initial public meeting in early September. Since the last meeting, talks have been held (and are ongoing) with HRM as well as Sackville Rivers Association who share our vision of a multi-use trail along the rail corridor from Windsor Junction to the Town of Windsor. To this end, we have also reached out to both the Municipality of West Hants and the Town of Windsor. Our goal is to present a united front in our effort to establish the trail.

Next, the forms for Joint Stocks which establish the framework of the association were reviewed and discussed. Initially, it was proposed that membership in the association be free. Upon further consideration, the members decided that an annual membership fee of $5.00 would be more appropriate as the association is expected to incur some small start-up costs.

We have created a website (www.uniacketrails.ca ) and a Facebook group to promote our newly-formed association and to get feedback from the community. There is an option to register on the website to receive updates on our progress. We would strongly encourage all interested members of the community to join the Uniacke Trails Association. To join the Association please contact me. An online method to join the association and pay membership dues will be added soon. Membership in Uniacke Trails Association is open to everyone and we encourage everyone to join as a healthy membership roster will help us lobby the various levels of government to achieve our goals.

Paul Smith