1. Theft of motor Vehicle
Date: between 2017-10-20 and 2017-10-21
Place: Etter Road, Mount Uniacke
A gold coloured, 2006 Dodge Ram 1500, plate # EVY546 was stolen. One set of keys, may have been in the truck. 1/4 tank of gas. 3 John Flemming (NASCAR) stickers on back window. A Jimmy Johnson (NASCAR) plate on front. Tinted back windows. Still under investigation.

2. Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle
Date: 2017-10-27
Address: 101 Highway, Mount Uniacke
911- Single car motor vehicle collision- east bound lane– car on roof– gray car- fire and ambulance called. Patrol made and driver, individual determined to be impaired by drugs. Individual finger printed and released on papers. File still open.

3. Theft of Motor Vehicle
Date: 2017-10-28
Address: Beamish Road, Mount Uniacke
Victim had his 2017 side by side stolen from his yard overnight. The key was not in the offroad vehicle and he still has the keys. His street is small, but they have noticed more traffic on the road lately. Investigation still ongoing.

4. Mischief
Date: between 2017-10-29 and 2017-11-01
Place: Stanley
Complainant reports that some time over the last few days, somebody broke windows out of his trailer. The

trailer is set up in the woods. One window, and the window in the door were broken. The rocks were still inside the trailer, and were still wet. Investigation still ongoing.

5. Theft of motor Vehicle
Date: 2017-11-13
Place: Ellershouse, Mount Uniacke
Victim in the woods hunting and his ATV–2009 450 King Quad Suszuki—green NS plate GB630
Investigation still ongoing.

35 traffic infractions (tickets and warnings)

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