MANY THANKS to the many community members who joined us on Sept 17 to support our breakfast fundraiser to provide financial assistance to re-naming the Uniacke Playground to MOUNT UNIACKE COMMUNITY MEMORIAL PARK. The money raised will be used to create a new Park sign as well as a Memorial Monument that will honour Pte. John Curwin for his sacrifice to our country. A special thank you goes to those who silently donated sums of $100 or more to the cause. In addition, we must recognize the UN-NATO Veterans group that showed up en masse as well as making private donations. With all of this, our group was able to raise a little over $1200. Of course, none of this could have taken place if we did not have the support of local businesses and community members such as Eddy’s and Uniacke Pizza and Angel! Your continued contributions to this community are forever impressive – THANK YOU! We are now over a third of the way to meeting our financial goal of making this a reality so that we can conduct the ceremony in the spring of 2018. Keep an eye out for a community bingo! If you have any other ideas for fundraising, please contact Cathy Samms at Eddy’s Variety. Additionally, donations can be made out to the Edmond Chater Memorial Account.
The new sign for the skate park is ready to go – so watch for that!